and the winners are…

The results are in! After a very very close finish that was eventually settled by some fantastic and very entertaining superlative entries, we have the results!

The Winners:

Robyn Will Kick You In The Face! Well done! They had perhaps the best stories from Newnham, with a special commendation for their fantastic costumes and delicious bribery brownies. They also supplied us with morning whiskey! It kept us going all day 🙂

Second Place:

Lion Hunters! Sheer efficiency, a huge quantity of items, they were here almost the entire time presenting stuff, acting out, doing some fantastic singing and completed the most sections.

Third Place:

F.B.M.! No signup email, they turned up briefly Wednesday morning to collect the list and we thought that was all we\’d see of them… until Thursday afternoon, where they turned up with a punt full of 500 points worth of items! They had a huge quantity of items, a lot of quality of items and a lot of naked man! Seriously special commendation for bringing everything on a punt in one massive hit.

The Scores:

Robyn Will Kick You In The Face: 988.5
Lion Hunters: 917.5
F.B.M.: 607
Socksoc 3: 378.5
Lesbian Steampunk Samurai Lizard Detectives: 329.5
The 87s: 288
Nyan: 274.5
Captain Friendless: 255
BAJJA: 226
Lips To Suck A Mango: 24
Team \”Couldn\’t think of a team name\”: 0

Special Commendations:

  • The 87s for a lot of gratuitous nudity (almost got kicked out of the Union!) and the look on the judges\’ faces when it happened!
  • Captain Friendless for getting 255 points with only one team member plus Biscuits the Sock Monkey, and for his fantastic films
  • Robyn Will Kick You In The Face\’s jazz chicken
  • F.B.M.\’s working difference engine
  • Nyan\’s fantastic text from last night
  • Lion Hunter\’s brilliant singing, team rocket rendition, getting The Duke on Skype and reasoned vim/emacs debate
  • Socksoc\’s absolutely disgusting/amazing skin infection and entertaining extreme ironing
  • Lesbian Steampunk Samurai Lizard Detectives\’ for memorising 75 spells and their brilliant Pokemon LARPing
  • BAJJA getting us the first submission of a beautiful Venus Fly Trap

Check out the tumblr for the items we\’ve put online! we\’ll probably put a bit more up in the next day after we\’ve recovered a bit.

Well done to all the teams that took part, we had an absolutely brilliant, fun, exciting, incredible, sexy, strange, disturbing, exhausting, arousing, magical, &c., &c., time and we hope you did too!

We\’ll be giving out prizes (maybe) at a pub meet tomorrow with details to be announced! Hopefully see some/all of you there 🙂


Signing off,

2011 Judges
The Laser Raptors



Setting the Stage

Hi everyone!

We\’re getting ready for the 2011 scavenger hunt at full pace now, with plenty of items ready to be found and a lot of ideas brewing up. The rules are pretty much the same as ever: teams of up to 5, two days to gather items and get them judged, judges\’ decisions are final.

The 2011 Scavenger Hunt will be run 9am Weds 15th June to 9pm Thurs 16th June and all judging is in the Union\’s Mountbatten Room.

We\’re holding off on sending out emails to the various lists until closer to the time, but team signups are now open if you want to get in early! Email with your team name, team members\’ names and ideally a team photograph.

Follow us on Twitter for potentially exciting updates and/or secret items!

The Laser Raptors are running the show this year, with thanks to all the previous organisers for helping get everything set up!

Update: Emails now sent! Signups open! Get your teams signed up!

Time for fun and frolics once more

Scavenger Hunt returns, bigger, bolder and badder than before.

CUSH 2010 is happening WEDNESDAY 9TH to THURSDAY 10TH JUNE.

Spent 36 hours gathering unusual items, performing silly tasks and enjoying yourself in lovely springtime Cambridge.


Drop us an email with your team name, your team members\’ names (no more than five) and preferably a team photo.

This year\’s event will be run by Slay Belles – thanks to Chris, Akiko and all former organisers for their help with setting the event up.

Oh it\’s that time of year again

Scavenger Hunt is back.

CUSH 2009 is happening WEDNESDAY 10TH to THURSDAY 11TH JUNE.

The List is back with a vengeance.


Drop us an email with your team name, your team\’s names (no more than five members) and your team photo.

You know you want to.

PS – this year, it\’s brought to you by Boom Squad – our thanks to Chris, Martin, Abi and Irene for all their help – past, present and (most probably) future!

It\’s Time We Moved On..

Yes, this year the architects of CUSH shall be mere participants instead of the stern judges you are all used to. Martin, Abi, Irene and I have handed over the responsibility of running the hunt to the group that mastered our list last year, The Boom Squad. We\’ll leave you in the capable hands of the girls from Murray Edwards – look out for a post from them with the details of this year\’s hunt soon! – Chris

Time for a Picture Round

No scavenger hunt would be complete without ritual humiliation. This year we bring you the University Challenge appearances of our very own judge Martin O\’Leary and fresh from victory  with the Boom Squad, Elaine Oliver. Sadly my own is lost in the mists of time – Chris

\"\" \"\"


If you\’ve seen our leaflet at the Freshers\’ Fair and decided to take a look, why not scroll through the lists from previous years and checking out the reviews of the last hunt (all linked to on the right), complete with pictures and movies! We hope to have a special hunt organised for Christmas at the end of this term, so stay tuned for that. Lies.

You can sign up to our mailing list for announcements about future events by following this link.

It\’s alive!

This year\’s Scavenger Hunt will begin at 9am, Tuesday 12th June and end at 9pm, Wednesday 13th June.

If you are interested, then take a look at the history page and the previous years\’ lists. This year expect to have to perform a few more unusual activites than before, as well as a wider variety of creative tasks and even some cryptic clues.

If you\’d like to take part then get together a group of friends and email us. We\’re inviting teams of up to five people to take part. We\’d love it if you could come up with a team name, a short description of yourselves and if possible a group photograph.