Setting the Stage

Hi everyone!

We\’re getting ready for the 2011 scavenger hunt at full pace now, with plenty of items ready to be found and a lot of ideas brewing up. The rules are pretty much the same as ever: teams of up to 5, two days to gather items and get them judged, judges\’ decisions are final.

The 2011 Scavenger Hunt will be run 9am Weds 15th June to 9pm Thurs 16th June and all judging is in the Union\’s Mountbatten Room.

We\’re holding off on sending out emails to the various lists until closer to the time, but team signups are now open if you want to get in early! Email with your team name, team members\’ names and ideally a team photograph.

Follow us on Twitter for potentially exciting updates and/or secret items!

The Laser Raptors are running the show this year, with thanks to all the previous organisers for helping get everything set up!

Update: Emails now sent! Signups open! Get your teams signed up!