Final Scores 2010

  1. 291 – Purple Clouds WIN!
  2. 245 – Laser Raptor
  3. 216 – Socksoc – Honourable mention for most amusing attempts at bribery
  4. 192 – Curious Duck
  5. 189 – Dolman Army – Honourable mention for bringing us a 1209 scholar imitation and team T-shirts
  6. 182 – Pointedly Unremarkable
  7. 151 – Stormin\’ NormansĀ  – Honourable mention for most amusing video submission
  8. 141 – Blue Steel

We are still here

Despite all the crowds of people drinking champagne, we are still in the Union Mountbatten room – go through the crowds of people and instead of turning right into the bar, carry straight on. No-one has yet claimed the cookie point..


We iz tiring of teh monotoniez of sittingz here wit no1 to visit us. 1 bonus pointz iz availablez for the first team to arrivez here from now, chantingz \”I stole the cookiez from the cookie jar and eated them\”