Cambridge University Scavenger Hunt 2012

Welcome to CU Scavenger Hunt – it\’s time for fun and frolics once again!

CUSH 2012 is this year running from 9 a.m. on WEDNESDAY 13TH to 9 p.m. on THURSDAY 14TH of JUNE.

Spend 36 hours gathering unusual items, performing silly tasks and enjoying yourself in lovely springtime Cambridge.

Turn up with your team outside Great St Marys Church at 9.00 on WEDNESDAY in an interesting hat (with points awarded to the most interesting hat. Start off your hunt with points!) to get the list. The list will be posted online afterwards.

Interested? Drop us an email at with your team name, your team members’ names (max. five) and preferably a team photo.

This year Team Robyn will Kick you in the Face are running the show with lots of thanks to the Laser Raptors for their help!