Post-Hunt Stats

Hi all,

With all this free time I\’ve done some quick and fun analysis of the numbers from cush2011! To start with, here\’s a histogram of how many teams attempted each item:


There were 412 items attempted out of a possible 500 (82%), and 329 items had maximum points awarded to at least one team.

The following items were not attempted by anyone:

Num. Item
6 The biggest Royal Wedding photograph
11 A Superinjunction
13 An RSA SecureID token
25 A Carriage
31 A glass slipper
33 Stag do photos
35 Cartwheeling whilst dressed as a vicar
40 Tobin\’s spirit guide
45 High voltage laser containment facility
46 Bill Murry
47 Total protonic reversal
48 Twinkie (bonus points if 35\’ long and 600lb)
67 Most people on a punt
71 A stress detector machine (bonus if it works)
75 Flammable sea parks model (bonus points if burnt down, with explanation)
76 Wear an Aunt Irma t-shirt
77 Grand Designs DVDs (bonus points if you don\’t have a receipt)
80 Shithead of the Year Award
81 A Flappy Duck take away dinner
114 Holiday snaps from Girton
115 Girton passport stamp
116 Surfboard
127 Mr. ASBO
136 A video on saving money
138 Cardboard box house (must be able to fit at least one judge)
141 Cave Johnson quotes recited from memory
143 A personality core
145 Long fall boots
147 An ASHPD (bonus points if it works)
164 Myrrh
166 A snow ball
173 Pigs in blankets (bonus for quantity)
175 An ugly Christmas jumper
198 A probability drive
201 Bistromath
203 Deep Thought
206 A properly labelled book of matches
220 Meatloaf
221 Old fashioned rattle
222 Micky Mouse Hat
224 Charles Atlas
231 The Eye of Gallifrey
233 Time Lord robes
235 Tom Baker scarf
239 The Rod of Rassilon
244 A monocle
245 A cravat
253 The source
256 A ruby on some rails
258 The Sea
259 HAL 9000
265 Most twitter followers
266 Get #cush11 trending
270 Proof of fattest mum
300 Arabic dictionary
310 Shot put
322 An anti-bullying video
350 Oldest Varsity hoody
361 A Betamax tape
363 A polaroid
367 A TV watch
368 A thermionic valve (vacuum tube)
373 Gramaphone
374 A Laserdisk
376 A typewriter
381 An HD-DVD
402 Ancient Mew Pokemon Card
409 Hansom Taxi
415 Hover car
416 Hoverboard
420 A space suit
421 A square melon
424 Soylent Green
426 Nicotine patches
428 A Jade hairpin
433 An ASBO
440 Carl Powers\’ shoes
452 Red weed
455 Triffid
461 Four-leafed clover
468 The Angry Inch
478 Rollerblades and goggles
481 A mithril skateboard
486 Ramona\’s bag
488 A glowing head
489 The Power of Love
490 The Power of Understanding

The most popular items (attempted by 8 teams) were:

Num. Item
17 Chequered Shirt (up to 5, must be wearing all of them)
19 Pretentious band t-shirt
122 Alcohol
189 A towel

338 points were awarded for superlative entries, out of a total of 4288.5, for 8% of all points going to superlatives.

Here\’s a chart of the number of items attempted by each team:


And to finish off, here\’s the money shot: the scores of each team over the two days!


Hope you enjoyed these stats!