And the winners are…

…Slay Belles!

Congratulations to the winners who romped away with 703 points.

The judges would like to say thanks to everyone who entered this year. We have been highly amused and will be posting some of our favourite items on the website in the coming weeks. We hope that those of you who entered this year, and who are around next year, will enter again and take on the challenge of a new list!

We\’ll do a summary during the summer with photos and all that – if you want any of the photos, just email us and we\’ll sort something out.


Hello all,

We have been thoroughly entertained in New Hall Bar – an impressive scale model of the solar system, a fully working volcano, some toto-ing of fellows…



My hermes isn\’t really able to cope with all the videos so please send them to the google. We will watch all the submissions,

Good Morning

The judges are installed back in New Hall bar and have updated the scores with the points scored yesterday.

We are currently in the process of going through all of your email submissions and will add points as and when we award them.

If you have sent us a mixtape or are going to give us a mixtape please send us a tracklist and put your team name on the CD.


So far teams have managed to Toto one judge three times.

Keep the submissions coming in – the judges want to be ENTERTAINED!!!

Plus we have heard rumours of people dressed in pants on King\’s Parade – the judges can\’t wait to see the video/photographic evidence.

p.s. if anyone can find us a gluten free cheesecake (that they can give to us) they will earn themselves some bonus points