Team Members: Jen Berry (NatSci, Peterhouse), Rich Miller (NatSci, Robinson), Robbie Coomber (CompSci, Johns), Rosalind Jack (NatSci, Peterhouse), Tamsyn Hyatt (Historian, Peterhouse)

A late entry but an entry none the less!

Bazalgete and the Englings, Feat. Liam



Team Members: Timothy Bazalgette, Sophie Sawicka-Sykes, Bethany Williams, Roisin Kiberd, Liam Brierley

They\’re a group of (mostly) Magdalene second years, composed of hand picked members from last years veteran team of (mostly) the same name.

Captain Ben and His Merry Wenches

Team Members: Megan Williams, Louise Anthony, Sarah Leiter and Rebecca Gemmell- all first year Newnham medics, plus Ben Gadsby, a first year Homertonian mathmo.

They want to dress as pirates. That\’s good enough for me!

\"captain-ben-and-his-merry-wenches-part-1\"Ben and Louise gender swapping

\"captain-ben-and-his-merry-wenches-part-2\"Sarah, Megan and Rebecca formalling


Team Members: Nick Russell, Monika Sobiecki, Andrena Ball, Simon Woolf, Ludmila Demtchenko (until 09:00 Thursday, Alice Mannion thereafter)

A full-bodied wine with generous fruit, nicely balanced by oak which would make an ideal accompaniment to red meats and cheese. Serve at room temperature.


Slay Belles

Team Members: Joshua Blanchard Lewis (Jesus), A Pretty Bird (NH), A Mysterious Woman (NH), Dominic Carr (Clare) and Amy Booth (Clare)

A disparate group of quirky individuals whose only common feature – apart from their dashing charm and tremendous sex appeal – is their Terrible Dark Secret. Tremble at shadows, quiver at night, for they are all-knowing and omnipotent, and none shall withstand their onslaught!


Ruth and the Cake-o-nauts

Team Members: Christopher Berry, Alex Rea, Dan Oliver, Gen Zhang, Felix Nissen

Returning from last year under a slightly different name with a slightly
different team… A crew of fourth year Churchillian physicists with
nothing left to lose.