How It All Works

Essentially, the scavenger hunt is all about trying to find stuff and do things. The list itself will remain secret until the start of the event, but once revealed it\’s down to each team as to exactly which items and tasks they choose to attempt. There is a scoring system, but the main point of the whole exercise is to have fun!


In taking part we remind you all that you are adults and responsible for your own actions. We strongly discourage the use of any illegal means for the purposes of acquiring items or completing tasks. This includes making a nuisance of yourselves to the general public. We will also not be impressed by underhand tactics, particularly involving members of other teams. Please remember this is just for fun, there is no need to get carried away and do something you will later regret.

Risk Assessment

  • Significant Hazards – We do not believe that the activities of the Scavenger Hunt: present any significant hazards, require the use of any equipment that requires special safety training, require the use of or result in the production of harmful chemicals, fumes or dust, require you to enter a dangerous or confined space.
  • Control Measures – At all times consider your own safety and that of the public. No Scavenger Hunt items will require you to endanger yourself or any member of the public.
  • If any danger should present itself or an accident should occur, contact the emergency services. If you feel that we have neglected an aspect of your safety, please inform us immediately.


Teams should consist of up to five players. Obviously, there\’s not much we can do if you have a small team and lots of friends helping out on individual items. In fact, this is encouraged. However, if any items mention \”a team member\” or \”the entire team\”, then we\’re going to insist on exactly that. Substitutions will be considered should a team member have to miss a significant portion of the scavenger hunt, due to examinations for instance.


We intend you not to have to spend any more than you would usually do having a fun day out. Whilst some things can easily be obtained through financial means, we really don\’t want you spending money on things you can\’t afford, so buy at your own discretion.

Getting Items

Many of the entries in the list will be items. These are typically worth a static number of points. It is worth noting that we haven\’t the time or inclination to fully detail each entry, so try to get the most obvious thing implied by what is written. We are usually pleased with good fakes however, and these can score most of the points the actual item would get you. Additionally, if you can bring us something that is not the item we intended, but in some way makes a pun or play on words with what was written, kudos, we\’ll probably give you the full points.

Unless otherwise noted, we want you to physically bring us the item in order to score the points, not just a photograph or movie. Please refrain from emailing those items that we will accept as photographs or movies – bring them to us in a copyable format! USB memory sticks preferred. When you are bringing items to score, please tell us the item number to make it easier for us to give you the points.

Those items that include a superlative adjective (largest or longest for instance) will be ranked at the end of the hunt and then the points stated will be awarded to the best item in its category. The second item will score one fewer point, the third two fewer points and so on.

We will not keep any of the items you bring us unless specified, or you want us to. Items left behind at the end of the hunt will be taken or thrown away at our discretion. We will publish photographs and movies unless you don\’t want us to — tell us when you give us the photographs and videos!.


Some of the list entries will be simple tasks. Where possible, having them performed in front of us is preferable, but if not video or photographic evidence will usually be accepted (via a USB memory stick if possible).

Tasks are scored in a variety of ways: some give your team a static number of points, some give points based on a ranking in some way, as with the superlative items above. Finally, there are some tasks in which there is an element of creativity and a qualitative judgement is required. In these cases, we will score out of a stated maximum and you should feel free to use flattery and persuasion to obtain more points for your efforts.

Scoring and Prizes

Most of the scoring system has been described above. However you should remember that we\’re really very easily impressed and if we feel you\’ve gone beyond the call of duty for a particular item or task, we will not hesitate to award bonus points. We will try to update the scores as often as possible on this website during the event.

Submitting items and tasks for scoring will only be permitted during certain hours, so that we can all get some sleep. We encourage you to visit or email us at regular intervals with updates on your progress.

This year there will be a small prize for the winner and possibly for anyone else who impresses us! However, you should aim to be taking part for the fun of it, and perhaps to show off your talents to everyone else playing.


Following previous years\’ successes, we\’re hoping, to be able to put photographs of interesting items, videos of tasks and the like up on this website as soon as we get them. So to reiterate, keeping us updated on your progress is the best thing you can do to impress us! Be sure to check out our Twitter feed regularly as we may post secret items!

Scavenger Hunt List 2004

0 points.

  • A pile of bottlecaps.

1 points.

  • A magnetic letter of the alphabet.
  • A 5 1/4 inch floppy disc.
  • A wooden egg.
  • A globe (+1 if it\’s out of date.)
  • A 2p stamp.
  • A reel of light blue cotton.
  • A metal crown.
  • A death card from a tarot deck.
  • A yellow smiley badge.
  • A fob watch.
  • A bottle or can of root beer.
  • A pez dispenser (+2 points if it\’s a WB character.)
  • A 10ml measuring cylinder.
  • A union jack paper plate.
  • A photo of a team member wearing a traffic cone.
  • A Kendal mint cake.
  • A metal whistle.
  • Fluffy Dice.
  • Smartie lids spelling a 3 letter word (+2 for a 6 or more letter word.)
  • A photo of a shop sign containing the word \’metro\’.
  • A balloon animal.
  • Compose this sentence entirely out of letters from the Argos catalogue.
  • A list of all 150 pokemon, in felt-tip pen.
  • A pair of rainbow socks.
  • A 10W lightbulb.
  • A \”worm/snake in a can\”.
  • A nock.
  • Write an \’amusing\’ short story (max 500 words.)
  • A rubber duck
  • A piggy bank (must be pig shaped.)
  • Something that goes \”moo\” (must not be a human.)
  • A kaleidoscope. (+2 if it\’s homemade.)
  • A computer program to either output all primes up to an input \”n\”, or output the word \”cheese\” each with a 50% probability.
  • Photograph of the Lion King 2 on DVD for sale in a shop.
  • Photo of a smiling horse.
  • A plastic slinky.
  • A pair of compasses.

2 points.

  • Any Encarta disc.
  • Photo of a \”welcome to Cambridge/Cambridgeshire?\” sign.
  • A chess piece over four inches tall.
  • A multicoloured pingpong ball. (at least 4 colours)
  • A model of any sugar molecule.
  • A four-leaf clover.
  • A photo or screenshot of level 19 in lemmings.
  • A valentines card.
  • A quill pen.
  • £15140 monopoly money.
  • A business card for the team.
  • Evidence of a score of 100000 points (beginner) on a point-blank arcade machine. (+4 if 150000 points with 0 continues)
  • 3 different beermats for the same beer.
  • Evidence of a completed 1000 piece jigsaw (+2 if you bring it along.)
  • A \”paintbrush\” drumstick.
  • Photo of a team-member fighting a crocodile.
  • A published leaflet entitled \’Red Pages\’.
  • A polystyrene plane.
  • A pair of sunglasses with mirrors at the edges to let you look behind you.
  • Photograph of the whole team in a tree
  • A peacock feather.
  • Write and perform an original song, about cake. (+3 possible depending on quality.)
  • An origami dragon
  • Photograph of the \”Bead Shop\”.
  • A roadsign, of any size.
  • Any Beatles track that would qualify to be on \”Short Music for Short People\”.
  • A Russian doll.
  • A wooden tennis racket.
  • A map of the moon.
  • A fireman\’s hat.
  • Photograph of a shop called \”Roll on Blank Tapes\”.
  • A bottle of Cwella.
  • Make an advertising poster for the film \”Return of the Revenge of the Second Coming of the Undead Ninja Killer Bunny Pirates from Mars II.\” (digitally reanimastered.) (+2 possible for quality)
  • A laminated copy of this list.

3 points.

  • A proof or theorem by Gödel, a picture by Escher, and some music by Bach.
  • A non-circular CD.
  • A non-black vinyl record.
  • Photos of at least 5 sundials in Cambridge.
  • A rag magazine.
  • A prodigal Sorcerer.
  • Thunderbird 1.
  • A photo recognisably containing both Homerton and Girton. (you don\’t need to be in this one.)
  • Photos of 5 different full-size college coats of arms.
  • A tamagotchi.
  • A pokeball, (not a picture of one)
  • A love heart that says \”fax me\”
  • A scarecrow of an assassin (+3 possible for quality.)
  • The name of any shop in Cambridge selling a monkey on a tricycle. (See example.)
  • Photograph a sign offering buy one get one free in Subway.
  • Photograph of the team dressed as superheroes. (+3 possible for quality.)
  • A pop-cork gun.
  • A poison letter sent to a team member, older than lent 2004.
  • A drivers license, with points on it.
  • An expired UL library card.
  • Photographs (before and after) of a set up 200 piece domino rally.
  • A speedstacks cup.
  • Autographs of three different bedders.
  • A ruler that measures something other than cm or inches.
  • Photograph of a team member hugging a banker.
  • A photograph from the board in Gardies. .
  • A photograph of a model railway.
  • The answer to puzzledonkey 1.1.10

4 points.

  • Proof of ownership of any stocks or shares.
  • The (entire) frontpage of a newspaper over a year old.
  • A book token that was awarded to a team member for something.
  • Evidence of any decent etch-a-sketch picture drawn by a team member.
  • A subutteo referee.
  • A flyer for Robinson may ball.
  • A football programme from the 2003-2004 season.
  • A tour T-shirt for any band containing a female member.
  • A losing Saturday lottery ticket.
  • An ASNaC.
  • A photograph of the entire team with a Japanese Tourist.
  • A length of string composed of one piece of string of each colour of the rainbow, tied together with different knots.
  • An Advent calendar (+2 if containing chocolates.)
  • Build a device that makes a \”plink\” noise 10 times after a suitable item is dropped in the top.
  • Photo of the team having a tea party in an obscure location.

5 points.

  • A poster (at least A2) of the Mandelbrot set.
  • A conker.
  • A cinema ticket stub for pirates of the Caribbean.
  • A real (i.e. made of cloth) EU flag.
  • Photographs of all the other teams.
  • Evidence of an unsupported 2ft tall stack of pennies. (+3 for every extra foot up to 11 points)
  • The autograph of Rory McGrath?.
  • A Zoid.
  • A Cadbury’s crème egg.

6 points.

  • A letter of rejection for an undergraduate course, from any university.
  • An Oxford University scarf.
  • A musical domino.
  • A book of matches from a holiday inn.
  • A Netto shopping bag.
  • A left-handed can-opener.
  • Half a golf ball.
  • A working periscope made from a Pringles tube.
  • A series 1 pog.

7 points.

  • A Michelin Man.
  • A jelly sandcastle.

8 points.

  • A Major Morgan.

9 points.

  • Photographs of a team member shaking hands with Riley, Hobson and Bence. (3 points for each, +1 if you get them all to sign the book.)

Bonus awards.

(most of these are purely objective. So what?)

  • The team with most oversized item on the list. (+1)
  • The team with the \’nicest\’ jelly sandcastle. (+1)
  • The team with the most obscure version of any item on the list. (+1)
  • Any team that returns with a 5 or more point item signed by a dean of any college. (+3)
  • The team with the \’prettiest\’ list of pokemon. (+1)
  • The team with the best balloon animal (+1)
  • The team with the best story behind how they obtained any item. (+1)
  • The team with the best faked item. (note: faked items don\’t score points.) (+1)
  • The team with the funniest photograph. (+1)
  • The team with the best team business card (+1)
  • The team with the most amusing story (+1)
  • The team with photographs of the largest number of different bike shops in Cambridge. (+1)
  • The most obscure tea party (+1)

Scavenger Hunt List 2005

  • 1 point
    • completed crossword for today from any national newspaper
    • Map of Narnia
    • $5
    • A winning Laserquest Scorecard
    • piggy bank shaped like a pig
    • 3 different birthstones
    • Piece of art larger than A3
    • Any political party\’s published manifesto
    • a wasp (bonus points for more than one in the same container)
    • a Girton scarf or a Homertonian science student
    • Someone juggling 5 balls #
    • Photograph 5 different types of duck #
    • Evidence of the team giving an anonymous gift #
    • Queue for the new Harry Potter book (bonus points for getting other people to join in upto 4) #
    • A carved wooden bird #
    • Half a brick in a sock
    • Foreign coin worth less than£0.005
    • Evidence of a team member breaking the rules of a named college #
    • An acorn or beech-nut
    • A team member dressed entirely in one colour of the rainbow (the whole team dressed in the same colour of the rainbow upto 2 #)
    • Evidence of team feeding baby moorhens #
    • A Lego spaceship
    • A Squeaky Dog Toy
    • A Space Marine
    • A pair of silk boxers
    • The score of the Midlands CCC vs. Blues Cricket match
    • A gnome (+2 for acquiring it in a strange way)
    • An ice-cream scoop
    • A creme egg
  • 2 points
    • Last week\’s Big Issue (Next week\’s +1)
    • Parking ticket #
    • $15 (too beaucoup)
    • Left-handed Screw
    • Membership Card of the Conservative Party
    • 2 Fire Exit signs
    • A pair of fluffy handcuffs
    • IA Natsci maths paper 2 2005
    • policeman\’s hat
    • christmas cracker
    • the cheapest thing in Sainsbury\’s
    • aeroplane sickbag
    • A tricorn
    • green leather clothing
    • A glove that reaches above the elbow
    • A green monster from Caius Hall
    • A Can of coke mainly printed in a foreign language
    • A biro that writes in yellow or orange
    • Corporate mints from a Careers Fair
    • A receipt showing purchase of an item from XXX / Confidential Shop
    • Rucksack in the shape of an animal
    • A Trinity Mathmo T-shirt
    • \’Classic\’ Game Boy
    • A RAM module less than 16MB
    • A Zip Disk
    • IVFDF Merchandise
    • A \’Where\’s Wally?\’ Book
    • An overdue book from any library
    • A trophy from a secondary school
    • A copy of \’Lord of the Rings\’ printed before 1980
    • A teabag considerably larger than normal size
    • A photo of an arts student at the SRCF Garden party
    • Photos of 4 College flags flying above their respective Colleges #
    • A team member holding onto a punt pole stranded in the middle of the Cam (bonus points for each extra person) #
    • The chaplain of any College labelled as a knife #
    • The team rocking out from a bridge over the Cam (bonus if the photo is taken from the river) #
  • 3 points
    • A Children\’s Book for Learning the alphabet
    • State flowers for 6 different US states (upto)
    • official document belonging to someone whose first name begins with a \’Q\’
    • A book of carpet/curtain samples
    • Barbie (R) dressed as a recognisable person
    • 10 metres of rope
    • The Master of Jesus # (or signature)
    • a book in latin
    • Argos catalogue older than 2003
    • A photograph of a tourist taking a photo of the entire team #
    • Star Wars, not digitally remastered
    • Photo of a child under 5 holding a sign with the team\’s name on it. +1 for a picture of the expression on the **parent\’s face at the time, +1 if the child in question is a close relative #
    • A screenshot of Level 6 of Nethack
    • An alphabet die
    • A soft toy depicting a mythical figure
    • A ticket for the recording of a TV or radio show
    • Pure(ish) samples of as many chemical elements as possible
    • A Smarties Lid with the letter Q on it
    • A Windows 95 recovery boot floppy
    • A marble-run that includes a loop-the-loop
    • Something unexpected on a flagpole (+ quality points) #
    • A spork (upto)
    • Giving us \’shout-outs\’ on CUR1350 during the course of the day
    • The team worshipping Reality Checkpoint #
    • A member of the team hugging a banker outside a bank #
    • The team all hailing Imre Leader #
  • 4 points
    • Items of clothing from a member of each opposing team (upto)
    • Trilingual Dictionary
    • Business card of a current elected government official
    • The Flag of a Landlocked African Country
    • The Book of Mormon
    • Gold Sovereign
    • Cambridge Monopoly
    • a piece of Acorn Computer hardware
    • A gazebo
    • A condom past its expiry date
    • A VCR recording of a weather forecast made between 9 and 10am on Wednesday
    • Milk more than a week past its expiry date
    • Any \’Now!\’ CD earlier than number 30
    • A radio that receives Shortwave
    • A team member dressed in just their underwear in the middle of Market Square #
    • A photo of Grantchester taken from a punt #
    • A photo of a tea party not involving any team members #
  • 5 points
    • Triplets (human) #
    • Geiger Counter
    • A cuppers Trophy (# for 1 point)
    • A National Lottery ticket that\’s won something
    • A windsock #
    • A photo of the whole team in a hammock #
    • Vernier calipers
    • A laminated copy of last year\’s Scavenger Hunt list
  • 6 points
    • Circular Slide Rule
    • Something that\’s been mimeographed
    • An Imre Leader Appreciation Society T-shirt
    • 1/4 of a golf ball
  • Quality marks (upto 8)
    • Team has to make a recording of an Oasis song using at least 4 instruments (voice counts as an instrument for 1 person)
    • Team has to write (>250 words) or otherwise create a piece of highly obscure fetish porn
    • A model of the CMS made from fruit and vegetables
  • Quality Marks (upto 6)
    • Perform a 2-minute mime or progressive dance show
    • Create a Cambridge-specific I-Spy Guide
    • A team member dressed in a furry suit
  • Quality marks (upto 4)
    • The worst/silliest advertising slogan you can find
    • Comedy fake of another item
    • A novel use for a sculpture in College grounds (without breaking any college regulations)
  • Bonus Points
    • The largest item
    • The most embarrassing CD belonging to any player
    • The best story behind an item
    • The strangest thing that a player chains their bike to during the course of the game
    • The most overdue book
    • Bonus chocolate from Rosie for finding the Smarties lid
    • Having at least one item beginning with each letter of the alphabet (upto 5 points)
    • Team with the largest teabag
    • The team who uses any item to fulfill as many things on the list as possible
    • The second cheapest Sainsbury item acquired gains an extra 2 points
    • Triple the points for getting all the items in the same point band
    • The worst pun associated with an item

Scavenger Hunt List 2006

Note that the items are divided into categories. By obtaining all of the items and completing all of the tasks in a category, you earn one extra point per item. For those items that are the \’best\’, \’most\’ or similar, you only need to make a reasonable attempt to qualify for these bonus points.


  • A spirit level (1)
  • Photos of Cripps buildings/courts/blocks (1 each)
  • A property deed (4)
  • A 5-storey house of cards (6)


  • A photo of a team member with Stephen Hawking (3)
  • A photo of the team with Matthew Garrett (3 or more)
  • An item signed by someone from a soap opera (3)
  • Play Imre Leader at a board game other than Othello (5)
  • Carmen Sandiego or the location thereof (9)


  • A shoe larger than size 12 (2)
  • A snorkel (2)
  • An \”I\’m With Stupid\” t-shirt (2)
  • Flying goggles (2)
  • A tartan kilt (3)


  • A used stamp for a denomination other than 39p or 23p (1)
  • Postcards from each continent (1 each, bonus for Antarctica)
  • A Christmas card to the umpires from the team (2 or more)
  • A letter from an intelligence service (3)
  • A telegram (5)


  • A modem under 56 kilobaud (2)
  • System Shock 2 (2 – double if you let the judges keep it)
  • A model of the internet (4)

Conspiracy Theory:

  • A book which specifically denies evolution (3)
  • Evidence of time travel other than 1 sec/sec (4)
  • Fake the moon landings (5)
  • Evidence of extraterrestrial life (10)

Criminal Behaviour:

  • A bag marked SWAG (1 or more)
  • A legal controlled substance (1)
  • A lockpick (2)
  • An ASBO (7)


  • A copy of the Magna Carta (2)
  • A polling card (2)
  • A petition signed by 20 members of the public (4)
  • A copy of this list signed by a member of Cambridge City Council (6)


  • Alcohol past its sell-by date (1)
  • A bottle of wine more than 5 years old (2 – double if you let the judges keep it)
  • A glass significantly larger than 1 pint (2)
  • A stein (2)
  • The most obscure foreign beverage (3)


  • Graduation bands (1)
  • A Bodleian Library card (2)
  • A degree certificate (2)
  • A university card from a graduate college (2)
  • Handwritten lecture notes taken in 2004 (2)
  • The World Book encyclopedia (or one volume thereof) (3)
  • A photo with more than one college master (6)


  • A live snail (1)
  • Hello Kitty merchandise (1)
  • Mickey Mouse ears (1)
  • The most photos of team members with different animal species (with Latin name) (3)
  • Build a better mousetrap (4)


  • A clapperboard (2)
  • A copy of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (2)
  • A cinema ticket stub for Stealth, or a receipt for the purchase of the DVD (3)
  • A short film by the team about the dangers of piracy (5)


  • A receipt for £6.66 (1)
  • A college bill for a negative amount (2)
  • A photo of two bankers hugging each other (2)
  • A coin from a country which no longer exists (3)
  • The cheapest thing bought on eBay today (auction, not Buy It Now) (3)
  • £13.75 in coupons (exactly) (3)
  • Something worth over £2000 (5 – double if you let the judges keep it)


  • A bunch of flowers (1)
  • A fake flower (1)
  • A piece of holly (1)
  • A balloon plant (3)


  • A Cadbury\’s Dairy Milk \”with Creme Egg\” (1)
  • A complimentary mint (1)
  • A non-Cadbury\’s Easter egg (1)
  • Bake us a cake (3 or more)
  • The best non-destructive egg-launcher (5, to be launched from a 1st storey window, throwing allowed)

Free Gifts:

  • A lollipop stick with a joke on (1)
  • A toy from a cereal packet (1)
  • A Ronald McDonald? toy (3)
  • A Hamburglar toy (4)


  • A gelatinous cube (2 or more)
  • A pentagon constructed using compass and straightedge (2)
  • A spirograph (2)
  • A home-made d20 (3)


  • A castle (1 or more)
  • A National Trust membership card (2)
  • A photo of a real coat of arms not from an educational institution (2)
  • A photo of the Viking fish and chip shop (2)
  • A team coat of arms (2 or more)
  • A tapestry (3)


  • A colourful spoon (1)
  • A lemon juicer (1)
  • A pizza cutter (1)
  • A George Foreman grill (2)

Law and Order:

  • A sheriff\’s badge (1)
  • A superhero costume (modelled) (2 or more)
  • A homemade security alarm (4)
  • A bullet (5)


  • An Agatha Christie novel (1)
  • Harry Potter and the Sorceror\’s Stone (2)
  • A D&D Player\’s Handbook from before 3rd Edition (3)
  • A book in a non-Indo-European language (3)
  • A book first published between 500 and 1500AD in its original language (4)
  • Recite a poem about a hunt of greater than 10 lines (5)


  • A monocle (2)
  • Someone called Monica (2)
  • Something from Monaco (2)
  • A magnetic monopole (10)


  • Wind chimes (1)
  • A NOW! album with a prime number (2)
  • A sitar (2)
  • A Grade 5 or above music certificate (3)
  • Compose and perform a song about an event during the hunt (5)
  • Two NOW! albums with twin prime numbers (6)
  • 99 red balloons (floating in the summer sky) (9)


  • A pack of pornographic playing cards (2)
  • A photo of the entire team in a bathtub (2)
  • A candle longer than 2 feet (60 cm) (3)
  • The scariest (clean) underwear (3)
  • A job for Michael Richards (10, must be an offer of employment for at least 8 hours at minimum wage)


  • The Epoch Times (1)
  • A copy of the Big Issue more than a month old (2)
  • A giant origami (3)
  • The Ewok Times (4)


  • A photocopy of some pasta (1)
  • 100 pieces of pasta, individually labelled \’knife\’ (4)
  • A 50cm bridge, made only of spaghetti and glue (4)
  • A map of the London Underground made of pasta (4)


  • A photo of a parent of a member of another team (3)
  • Two people with the same birthday (with proof) (4)
  • A foreign tourist (who you don\’t know) (6)
  • Someone who has appeared on the Honours List (8)


  • A metal hook (1 or more)
  • A plank (1)
  • An eyepatch (1)
  • A letter of marque (6)


  • A visa from a country other than the USA (2)
  • A katamari greater than 20cm in diameter (4)
  • Have the team\’s contribution to climate change computed by the Cambridge Carbon Footprint (4)
  • Samples of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Heart (5)


  • A red key (1)
  • Parma violets (1)
  • A yellow ribbon tied around an old oak tree (2)
  • An indigo plant (3)
  • An opaque orange Lego brick (3)
  • A blue suede shoe (4)
  • A green snooker ball (4)


  • Rosary beads (2)
  • A photo of the entire team with an official of a recognised non-Christian religion (3)
  • Jesus\’ face on a piece of toast (3)
  • A bishop\’s mitre (8)


  • A Cartesian diver (1)
  • A big magnet (1 or more)
  • A boiling tube (1)
  • An inanimate carbon rod (2)
  • An animated carbon rod (4)
  • Soap you made yourself (7)

Sean Connery:

  • A poster from a Sean Connery film (2)
  • The soundtrack to a Sean Connery film (2)
  • The best 5 anagrams of Sean Connery films (5)
  • Sean Connery (9)


  • A photo of a team member canoeing (2)
  • A photo of Live Action Noughts & Crosses (3)
  • 3/4 of a golf ball in one piece (4)
  • Memorabilia from the last three soccer World Cups (4)
  • A World Cup ticket stub (5)

Supermarket Sweep:

  • A labelled product without any English text (2)
  • A photo of a giant inflatable in a supermarket (2)
  • A photo of the entire team in a supermarket trolley (3)
  • A receipt from a Sainsbury\’s other than Sidney St (3)
  • The most photos of distinct Co-ops (3)

Toys R Us:

  • A flexible pencil (1)
  • A rusty nail (1)
  • A spinning top (1)
  • A decoder ring (2)
  • A toy with a string you can pull so it speaks (2 or more)
  • A marionette (3)


  • A photo of a number plate which spells a word (1)
  • A unique part of a bicycle (not chain/brake handles/pedal) (1 each)
  • A model train, made of train tickets (4)
  • A working steam engine (7)


  • The object fulfilling the most criteria on the list (1 each)
  • A photo of a team member extreme ironing (3 or more)
  • The largest ice cube (3)
  • The person whose name is last in alphabetical order (surname, forename) (3)
  • A photo of the view from Castle Hill at dawn (4)


The history of the scavenger hunt is shrouded in myth and legend. Suffice to say that members of the Assassins\’ Guild are regularly exceptionally bored, else why would they run around shooting each other? Aside from the guild\’s main and smaller games, a special pre-mayweek event was devised, allegedly after Mr. David Birch \’watched some [awful nonsense] on TV\’. He then set about making a list of many items and a few tasks for teams to find and complete for his amusement.

So successful was the first hunt that it was repeated the year after under the guidance of Mr. Richard Gibson and Ms. Rosemary Warner and the year after that by Mr. Martin O\’Leary and Mr. Chris Field. Then it was decided that it was about time that those nice folks at Chicago, the home of perhaps the most famous hunt, were shown that there exist some equally fantastical tasks for our students to perform, and some equally obscure paraphenalia for them to obtain. Again under the flag of Mr. O\’Leary and Mr. Field, the hunt was prepared for a larger audience. More tasks, more creativity, more mystery and a wider appeal beyond those who might be considered just a little bit on the unusual side. Only a little bit beyond that, mind you.

Now the mantle has been taken up by successive teams of organisers predominantly consisting of members of that college known by some as New Hall. Can a team from another college wrestle the Scavenger Hunt from their grasp?

So here we present for your amusement the lists from the previous years\’ hunts. Perhaps they will provide an insight into what might be coming up this year.

It\’s alive!

This year\’s Scavenger Hunt will begin at 9am, Tuesday 12th June and end at 9pm, Wednesday 13th June.

If you are interested, then take a look at the history page and the previous years\’ lists. This year expect to have to perform a few more unusual activites than before, as well as a wider variety of creative tasks and even some cryptic clues.

If you\’d like to take part then get together a group of friends and email us. We\’re inviting teams of up to five people to take part. We\’d love it if you could come up with a team name, a short description of yourselves and if possible a group photograph.