How It All Works

Essentially, the scavenger hunt is all about trying to find stuff and do things. The list itself will remain secret until the start of the event, but once revealed it\’s down to each team as to exactly which items and tasks they choose to attempt. There is a scoring system, but the main point of the whole exercise is to have fun!


In taking part we remind you all that you are adults and responsible for your own actions. We strongly discourage the use of any illegal means for the purposes of acquiring items or completing tasks. This includes making a nuisance of yourselves to the general public. We will also not be impressed by underhand tactics, particularly involving members of other teams. Please remember this is just for fun, there is no need to get carried away and do something you will later regret.

Risk Assessment

  • Significant Hazards – We do not believe that the activities of the Scavenger Hunt: present any significant hazards, require the use of any equipment that requires special safety training, require the use of or result in the production of harmful chemicals, fumes or dust, require you to enter a dangerous or confined space.
  • Control Measures – At all times consider your own safety and that of the public. No Scavenger Hunt items will require you to endanger yourself or any member of the public.
  • If any danger should present itself or an accident should occur, contact the emergency services. If you feel that we have neglected an aspect of your safety, please inform us immediately.


Teams should consist of up to five players. Obviously, there\’s not much we can do if you have a small team and lots of friends helping out on individual items. In fact, this is encouraged. However, if any items mention \”a team member\” or \”the entire team\”, then we\’re going to insist on exactly that. Substitutions will be considered should a team member have to miss a significant portion of the scavenger hunt, due to examinations for instance.


We intend you not to have to spend any more than you would usually do having a fun day out. Whilst some things can easily be obtained through financial means, we really don\’t want you spending money on things you can\’t afford, so buy at your own discretion.

Getting Items

Many of the entries in the list will be items. These are typically worth a static number of points. It is worth noting that we haven\’t the time or inclination to fully detail each entry, so try to get the most obvious thing implied by what is written. We are usually pleased with good fakes however, and these can score most of the points the actual item would get you. Additionally, if you can bring us something that is not the item we intended, but in some way makes a pun or play on words with what was written, kudos, we\’ll probably give you the full points.

Unless otherwise noted, we want you to physically bring us the item in order to score the points, not just a photograph or movie. Please refrain from emailing those items that we will accept as photographs or movies – bring them to us in a copyable format! USB memory sticks preferred. When you are bringing items to score, please tell us the item number to make it easier for us to give you the points.

Those items that include a superlative adjective (largest or longest for instance) will be ranked at the end of the hunt and then the points stated will be awarded to the best item in its category. The second item will score one fewer point, the third two fewer points and so on.

We will not keep any of the items you bring us unless specified, or you want us to. Items left behind at the end of the hunt will be taken or thrown away at our discretion. We will publish photographs and movies unless you don\’t want us to — tell us when you give us the photographs and videos!.


Some of the list entries will be simple tasks. Where possible, having them performed in front of us is preferable, but if not video or photographic evidence will usually be accepted (via a USB memory stick if possible).

Tasks are scored in a variety of ways: some give your team a static number of points, some give points based on a ranking in some way, as with the superlative items above. Finally, there are some tasks in which there is an element of creativity and a qualitative judgement is required. In these cases, we will score out of a stated maximum and you should feel free to use flattery and persuasion to obtain more points for your efforts.

Scoring and Prizes

Most of the scoring system has been described above. However you should remember that we\’re really very easily impressed and if we feel you\’ve gone beyond the call of duty for a particular item or task, we will not hesitate to award bonus points. We will try to update the scores as often as possible on this website during the event.

Submitting items and tasks for scoring will only be permitted during certain hours, so that we can all get some sleep. We encourage you to visit or email us at regular intervals with updates on your progress.

This year there will be a small prize for the winner and possibly for anyone else who impresses us! However, you should aim to be taking part for the fun of it, and perhaps to show off your talents to everyone else playing.


Following previous years\’ successes, we\’re hoping, to be able to put photographs of interesting items, videos of tasks and the like up on this website as soon as we get them. So to reiterate, keeping us updated on your progress is the best thing you can do to impress us! Be sure to check out our Twitter feed regularly as we may post secret items!

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