and the winners are…

The results are in! After a very very close finish that was eventually settled by some fantastic and very entertaining superlative entries, we have the results!

The Winners:

Robyn Will Kick You In The Face! Well done! They had perhaps the best stories from Newnham, with a special commendation for their fantastic costumes and delicious bribery brownies. They also supplied us with morning whiskey! It kept us going all day 🙂

Second Place:

Lion Hunters! Sheer efficiency, a huge quantity of items, they were here almost the entire time presenting stuff, acting out, doing some fantastic singing and completed the most sections.

Third Place:

F.B.M.! No signup email, they turned up briefly Wednesday morning to collect the list and we thought that was all we\’d see of them… until Thursday afternoon, where they turned up with a punt full of 500 points worth of items! They had a huge quantity of items, a lot of quality of items and a lot of naked man! Seriously special commendation for bringing everything on a punt in one massive hit.

The Scores:

Robyn Will Kick You In The Face: 988.5
Lion Hunters: 917.5
F.B.M.: 607
Socksoc 3: 378.5
Lesbian Steampunk Samurai Lizard Detectives: 329.5
The 87s: 288
Nyan: 274.5
Captain Friendless: 255
BAJJA: 226
Lips To Suck A Mango: 24
Team \”Couldn\’t think of a team name\”: 0

Special Commendations:

  • The 87s for a lot of gratuitous nudity (almost got kicked out of the Union!) and the look on the judges\’ faces when it happened!
  • Captain Friendless for getting 255 points with only one team member plus Biscuits the Sock Monkey, and for his fantastic films
  • Robyn Will Kick You In The Face\’s jazz chicken
  • F.B.M.\’s working difference engine
  • Nyan\’s fantastic text from last night
  • Lion Hunter\’s brilliant singing, team rocket rendition, getting The Duke on Skype and reasoned vim/emacs debate
  • Socksoc\’s absolutely disgusting/amazing skin infection and entertaining extreme ironing
  • Lesbian Steampunk Samurai Lizard Detectives\’ for memorising 75 spells and their brilliant Pokemon LARPing
  • BAJJA getting us the first submission of a beautiful Venus Fly Trap

Check out the tumblr for the items we\’ve put online! we\’ll probably put a bit more up in the next day after we\’ve recovered a bit.

Well done to all the teams that took part, we had an absolutely brilliant, fun, exciting, incredible, sexy, strange, disturbing, exhausting, arousing, magical, &c., &c., time and we hope you did too!

We\’ll be giving out prizes (maybe) at a pub meet tomorrow with details to be announced! Hopefully see some/all of you there 🙂


Signing off,

2011 Judges
The Laser Raptors



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