Day 1 Review – CUAS

CUAS, a late entry, seemed to spend the whole of the first day wandering around town photographing things. It earnt them a fair few points, but we\’ll take this opportunity to invite them to actually come and see us in person! That goes for all of you, people and things are better in front of us than on a camera ;)!

Still, they were very photogenic. We liked their high visibility jackets:


Also, their novel interpretation of the Key to the Secrets of the Universe:


It wasn\’t quite what we were looking for. Still, good work all round!

Day 1 Review – Number 7 Bus

Aside from the beautiful alliteration they\’ve brought us in the title, this team was really quite busy. We hope to get the photographs of their achievements up at some point; for now descriptions will have to suffice.

Their knowledge of historical fashion was excellent, and they were big fans of buses, including a snapshot of their signature motorised vehicle as their team mascot. Incredible organisational skills also allowed them to punt tourists down the Cam before lunch as well as amount an impressive collection of minor items. Their big fish, little fish and cardboard box was very well presented.

We were extremely impressed also by their persuasive abilities in getting one of the Caius porters to write on the The Flag is Flying Today Because noticeboard, \”because Team Number 7 Bus own it!\”. Satisfying both capturing and bringing us a college flag, we threw in a bonus point for this incredible feat. Secondly, whilst meditating in Sainbury\’s, they somehow convinced a member of staff not only to join them cross-legged on the floor, but to be told to by his manager.

Day 1 Review – Will Sell Sex for Points

This team has taught us that not sharing cars will lead to a violent bloodbath:


Other triumphs included a pentalingual dictionary for which we gave them a bonus point. Bilen kindly performed some of Wuthering Heights in Semaphore for us. They\’re also currently in the lead for the largest bra, into which one of their team members could fit her head.

We\’ll leave you with their exquisitely decorated and highly contraversial family tree:


Day 1 Review – The Peterhouse Mafia

Visiting us nice and early, they brought a host of small items. We liked the pirate flag that they\’d obviously captured, their Countdown keyring and the propaganda of Lenin (complete with his signature Mohican and multiple piercings) inviting us to join the party.

We\’ll also share these two amusingly photoshopped pieces. Whilst they\’re not getting any more than a point for so obviously trying to trick us, we still like the natural look they\’ve achieved.

\"Me \"Me

Day 1 Review – Team Internet

Team Internet\’s contributions today were overshadowed by their prolific attempts to steal pictures from the internet and pass them off as their own. They\’re also getting no bonus points for nerdy arguments; whatever they say, Yoda is not a revolutionary leader.

We do have quite a bit of their work to show off though, starting with some fine videos. Firstly, here is their excellent interpretation of Live Action Tetris.

We also have their game of Manly Scrabble. We particularly like the play that changes \’UG\’ to \’JUGS\’:

They also brought us a fine picture of Abraham Lincoln made out of macaroni, but he was missing his hat. Phillip\’s GCSE coursework was appalling, in all honesty; his picture of the experiment for measuring the resistance of a filament lamp left me quite bewildered as to how it scored any marks at all. The team successfully brought us the correct set of Star Trek movies, we won\’t reveal which those are just yet. Their TV theme Medley consisted of Neighbours, Eastenders, Doctor Who, Postman Pat and The Bill, plus one other we didn\’t get. We were also big fans of their \’string quartet\’ which we\’ll hopefully get a picture of up at some point.Finally we\’ll leave you with two of their finest photos. A highly accurate tattoo of t.A.T.u. and an extremely pimped out ride, although it doesn\’t have a single X-Box:

\"A \"One