And we\’re off!

HTML is not being very nice to us. The New Hall wireless has choked us. AND we were late to meet the teams. But it\’s now up and running!

Welcome to Scavenger Hunt 2009!

Unfortunately, we\’ve been unable to secure a room at the Union so you guys will have to come up to New Hall for the next two days.

We\’re in the bar – if you come up the hill and walk through the plodge, turn left at the end of the pigeonholes and the bar is the second door on the right. We\’re downstairs!!


Team Members: Jen Berry (NatSci, Peterhouse), Rich Miller (NatSci, Robinson), Robbie Coomber (CompSci, Johns), Rosalind Jack (NatSci, Peterhouse), Tamsyn Hyatt (Historian, Peterhouse)

A late entry but an entry none the less!

Bazalgete and the Englings, Feat. Liam



Team Members: Timothy Bazalgette, Sophie Sawicka-Sykes, Bethany Williams, Roisin Kiberd, Liam Brierley

They\’re a group of (mostly) Magdalene second years, composed of hand picked members from last years veteran team of (mostly) the same name.

Scavenger Hunt List 2009

So you think you’re emo…

1. Bring us an emo [3]
2. An emo’s basics: skinny jeans [1 point per colour]
3. Compose a poem expressing your teenage angst [5]
4. Get signed. Well, at least get a team members body signed, by as many bands as possible [1 point for a college-based band, 3 points for a band on a national tour, 10 points for a band on an international tour, 100 points for Sting] Bring photos of the signings.

Classically trained

5. Bring us the complete works of Shakespeare [1]
6. Design a cover for said complete works of Shakespeare. [1 point for each work that is depicted in the cover]
7. Summarise a classical epic poem (such as the Odyssey) in a ten second video [4]
8. Compose an epic poem recounting the composition of said poem [6]
9. Interpretative dance to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons [6] Bonus points if you can actually recreate the season for the judges.

For science… because the world won’t blow itself up.
10. Charcoal rubbings of plaques of deceased scientists [1 per scientist]
11. “Mummify” one of your team members with loo roll (to be done before the judges) in a competition against another team. The quicker team gets the points [3]
12. A clock going backwards. Bonus if this is hamster-powered – no hamsters must be harmed. [5]
13. Attempt to re-create the corpus clock. [6]
14. Create a working papier mache volcano. Limit to points, no limit to size! [8]
15. Help a potato break the sound barrier – careful not to hurt anyone. [Points awarded at the discretion of the judges]
16. Teleport something. Double points for whatever item you teleport, but we must witness it. [10]

A spaceman came travelling

17. Freddy Mercury merchandise [1 point per item, maximum 3]
18. A Venus fly trap [3]
19. Third rock from the sun [2]
20. A Mars bar [1]
21. A musical instrument made by Jupiter [5]
22. A Sega Saturn [4]
23. Some Uranium [10]
24. A Neptune’s trident [2]
25. A Pluto cuddly toy [1]

Pimp my . . .

26. Rock [1]
27. Bike [3]
28. Suit [7]
29. Punt [10]
30. Girlfriend/boyfriend [12]

Are you local?

31. Foreign food, the more uncommon the better. [1 per item maximum 5]
32. Foreign beer. Bonus points if it’s from the judges’ home countries [1 per item maximum 5]
33. Foreign money, the higher the denomination the more the points [Points awarded at the discretion of the judges]
34. Foreign flags. [1 per item maximum 5]
35. Foreign postcards, sent from foreign countries. [1 per item maximum 5]
36. Foreign passports. Bonus points if the passport owner accompanies you. [1 per item maximum 5]

Crank it up

37. Take that midnight train. Randomly start some Journey karaoke in a College bar (video proof) [3]
38. Bring us some Hard Rock Café merchandise. The more exotic the location it is from, the more the points. [Points awarded at the discretion of the judges]
39. Bring us concert tickets from before the year 2000 – the older the better. [Points awarded at the discretion of the judges]
40. Create a Rick Astley tribute video. [5] Bonus points for included trivia details.

You’ve heard of rick-rolling. We’re making a new thing. It’s called “Toto”ing. Use Hold the Line, obviously by Toto. Awful costumes bring bonus points.
41. “Toto” the judges [3]
42. “Toto” a fellow [9]
43. “Toto” a chapel [7]

Thank you Mr Brown!

44. Election signs. [1 per party]
45. Polling card from as many different Cambridge City electoral divisions as possible. [1 per division]
46. Presidents of college politics societies (bring them down in person and with proof that they really are the president) [1 per president]
47. A team manifesto [6]
48. A photo of a team member with Boris Johnson. [9]

To the moon and back

49. A flying saucer. [3] Bonus points if it can fly for more than ten seconds.
50. A toy rocket. [3 points per hundred feet of altitude it can reach]
51. A space worm [4]
52. A scale model of the solar system, Pluto included. [8]
53. Attempt to chat some randomer up exclusively with lyrics from “To the moon and back” by Savage Garden. [4] Massive bonus points if it works.

Butter us up

54. Got ma cheese whiz, boy? Bring us lots of cheese. [1 per cheese] Bonus points for actual cheese whiz.
55. A mix-CD. And it had better be good. [3] Bonus points if you get the judges’ favourite songs
56. Oven fresh ice cream [5]
57. Cook us a three course meal. Bonus points for subsequent courses. There is a minimum to what can constitute a course. A single digestive biscuit will not count, but would be appreciated all the same. Especially if it were chocolate. Cough. [Points awarded at the discretion of the judges]

Ye olde beasts of yore – as intrepid explorers, you’ll have no trouble finding us these forgotten legends:

58. A mouse [3]
59. A wyvern [4]
60. An esquilax [5]
61. A manticore [6]

Gwidien and the druid

62. A lance [5]
63. Team heraldic shields, to be wielded at all major events. [6]
64. A steed [9]
65. A suit of armour [11]


Bring us:
66. A “dappy” hat [3]
67. A crate of Galahads [6] Bonus points if we can keep the entire crate!
68. A euphonium [5]
69. This is not the greatest item in the world. This is just a tribute. [5]

The box office opens this weekend with:

70. An educational film about the dangers of it raining cats and dogs. [4]
71. A satirical rendition of the Blair Witch Project, filmed. [5]
72. An advert for your very own energy drink. [6]
73. A scene from Toy Story. In costume. [8]

We’re not made of stone

74. Cardhenge [2]
75. Swissrollhenge [3]
76. PBandJhenge [6]
77. Carhenge [7]

Dance monkey, dance – if we tell you to, you have to…

78. Solve a Rubik’s cube in front of us in 90 seconds [4]
79. We need a hero! Perform an unambiguously heroic deed under cover of cape and cowl. [4] Bonus points if your proof comes from the front page of a newspaper.
80. Do the thriller dance outside Great St Mary’s. [5] Numerous bonus points for costumes and/or over ten people doing it.
81. Eat your hat [8]
82. Shave your eyebrows [12]
83. Juggle. Bring us a routine, then see what we throw at you. [6]

It’s got something to do with a river . . .

84. A cup of Cam [1]
85. A paddle [4]
86. Drag punting [6]
87. Invent a new method of transport down the Cam [10] The more people it can hold the more points you get.

Are you trying to seduce me?

Bring us:
88. A slippery nipple [3]
89. A screaming orgasm [3]
90. An AMF [cocktail] [3]
91. A cock soc [3]
92. A todger [3]
93. A vixen [3]
94. A nun [3]

Get down on it

95. Compose a sexy haiku. And by sexy we mean sexual. [Points awarded at the discretion of the judges]
96. Guess the contents of our seduction cocktail. [1 per correctly identified ingredient]
97. Suck and blow: pass a playing card from person to person with your mouths and the force of sucking and blowing only. [1 per every two members in the chain]
98. Get down on your knees and build a human pyramid [1 per person involved]

Suit up!

99. A white suit jacket [3]
100. A tweed jacket [3]
101. A wetsuit [4]
102. A catsuit [5]
103. A spacesuit [6]
104. A birthday suit [7] Bonus points for hotness

I choose you!
They’ll be back soon enough
105. A pikachu [2]
106. A raichu [4]
107. A mewtwo [4]
108. A pokemon beanie baby [8]
109. All 150 pokemon cards [9]
110. A holographic pokemon card [3]
111. Play an actual game of pokemon cards, for at least 2 minutes, in front of the judges. [5]

Engineer this!

112. A hand held fan [1]
113. A geoliner [1]
114. An engineer’s penny [2]
115. A robot [3]
116. A bridge we can walk across. Must span at least 2 feet. [6]
117. Earthquake simulator – make a building solely out of biscuits and peanut butter, at least eight inches tall, and bring it to us. If it survives the judges’ wrath, points will follow. Bonus ones for imitations of famous buildings.
118. A gyroscope [8]
119. Bring us a superconductor. [12]

Those were the days…

120. A remote control form of transport [3]
121. An Action Man [3]
122. A Polly Pocket [3]
123. A supersoaker [4]
124. An unusual Barbie (must be a real one) [4]
125. Laser challenge [5]
126. A huge game of duck duck goose on the backs. Minimum of 10 people. Photo or video proof required [5].
127. A Mario Kart re-enactment. [7] – more points for daring location.

I’ve had the time of my life…

128. May Ball posters. [1 per ball]
129. May Ball wristbands. [3 per ball]
130. Strawberries and Pimms [3]
131. Bow ties. [1 per item maximum 5]
132. A lady’s way to stay warm during May Ball. Surprise us. Must be classy. [Points awarded at the discretion of the judges]
133. The most worn high heels. [Points awarded at the discretion of the judges according to state the shoes are in – the more obviously worn the better]
134. The highest heels [Points at discretion of the judges – max 8 points]

Speed up your points development by…

135. …bringing us a frozen banana [4]
136. …showing us an illusion. Points according to how good it is. [PS: Harry Potter magic does not count]
137. …making us blue [4]
138. …making us cringe with awkwardness [4]

Happy Birthday, Cambridge!

139. Cambridge’s 800 book [2]
140. Take photos of plaques marking discoveries around Cambridge. [2 per plaque with maximum of 5 plaques]
141. 800 photographed in as many places as possible [1 per photograph maximum 6]
142. Summarise 800 years of Cambridge University in 800 words [8]

Life inside the bubble

143. College scarves. [1 per college]
144. Photo of more than one group member with a college Dean. [5]
145. Things acquired at formals. [2 per college]
146. College gowns – must be obviously different ones. [2 per gown maximum of 5 colleges]
147. Compose a limerick describing the shield of the university of Cambridge in proper heraldic tones. [4]
148. A doll’s house model of a team member’s college room with as much detail as possible. Complete with photo of said member’s college room for comparison. [12]

Take me literally

149. Sticks and stones [1]
150. Burn the candle at both ends [1]
151. Let us have a cake and eat it [3] – more if it is exceptionally big/delicious
152. You are what you eat [4]
153. A 10 foot pole and something you would not touch it with [6]
154. The pen is mightier than the sword. Proof in a battle against a member of another team. [6] for the winner.


155. Bank accounts attributed to a single person. [1 per account]
156. A piggy bank [2]
157. Make the most of your pound! (Proof that whatever you made of it did really not cost more than a pound). [Points awarded at the discretion of the judges]
158. Street credit. [4]
159. A cheque, with a 19XX year prefix. [7]

Brap, brap! Innit bruv

160. Rap for us! [5]
161. Beatbox for us! [6]
162. A Burberry Cap [5]
163. As much Nike as you can find [1 per item]
Bonus points if you can incorporate this all at the same time.

Dare me

164. Film the reaction of any committee member of a university society to the youtube video “Powerthirst”. [The more senior the member, the more points, starting with 3]
165. The Grand Arcade seems a bit dull. Bring the love train to it. At least 10 people and music are required [4] More people will result in more points.
166. Wear your underwear outside your clothes. On King’s Parade. Pose with tourists. Take a video and photos. [10]
167. Get a group of tourists to perform YMCA. Proof in the form of a photo – more points for a video of them actually singing along to it. [5 for photo and 7 for a video] Extra points if they dress up as Village People.
168. Full body fake-tan zebra stripes. [12]
169. A Porter’s Hat [12]
170. Get a copy of the Big Issue signed by seller [6] Bonus points if it’s the guy outside Sainsbury’s (photographic proof required)

“The time has come”, the judges said.

171. Some shoes [1]
172. Some ships [2]
173. Some sealing wax [3]
174. Some cabbages [1]
175. Some kings [1]

Prepare for Emma Watson’s arrival next year and brush up your magic skills! Perform in front of the judges:

176. Wingardium Leviosa [4]
177. Alohomora [4]
178. Engorgio [4]
179. Expecto Patronum [4]
[No points for failure. Use of authentic wands will be rewarded]

Are you fired or hired?

180. The most unusual chocolate bar flavour you can find (and yes, mango-chilli is old news). [Points awarded at the discretion of the judges according to taste and originality]
181. Produce your own team calendar [4]
182. Create a new piece of portable home gym equipment [must be demonstrated to the judges] [8]

Fancy dress?

183. Outfits from every decade of the 20th century. [5 per decade – more for better effort, less for poor effort]

Show us what you’re made of!

184. Embarrassing teen photos of the group [1 point per member] More if it really cracks us up.
185. The worst GCSE results of a current student at the University of Cambridge. Points will be given at the end, when all teams have submitted their best efforts. Or worst.
186. Team members dressed as hunting god[esse]s [4]
187. Light as a feather, stiff as a board. [12 minus the number of lifters you use]

Bring on the clichés!

188. Show us the stiffest upper lip you’ve got [1]
189. Bring us a German and their stash of Sauerkraut (proof that they are actually German). [3]
190. Bring us a French person wearing a beret (proof that they are actually French) [3]
191. A list of blonde jokes (at least 3) told by a team member to a blonde who doesn’t get the punch line. [4] – less if the blonde laughs, more if you tell more jokes.

All creatures great and small

192. Your friends in animal costumes. [1 per animal]
193. Get milk. From as many animals as possible. [2 points per animal and cow doesn’t count]
194. An angry fish [2]
195. An inflatable animal [2 points for each foot in length]
196. A photo of a black squirrel in Cambridge [3]
197. Film and capture a wild haggis in its natural environment [4]
198. Exit, pursued by a bear [5]
199. We’d like to go walking with dinosaurs. The closer to life size the better. [Points awarded at the discretion of the judges]
200. A scaled recreation of Noah’s Ark [8]

10 reasons why…

201. …you’d rather be at Oxford than St John’s. [1 per valid reason] Extra points if convincingly given by a Johnian
202. …Theology is not a doss subject. [1 per valid reason] Please note that you will have to convince Engineers.
203. …Star Wars is better than Star Trek (or vice versa depending on your preference) [1 per valid reason]
204. … your team should get these ten points [1 per valid reason]

So good they had to name it twice

205. A Bagel [1]
206. A Pretzel [2]
207. A Big Apple [2]
208. A Yankee [3]
209. A yellow taxi [5]
210. A Skyscraper. It will be judged on height – the bigger the better.

A tribute to last year’s winning team

211. A boom [2]
212. A boom box [4]
213. A booming voice [1]
214. A broom [1]
215. A bang [1]
216. A snap [1]
217. A crackle [1]
218. A pop [1]

Old Skool

219. The oldest mobile phone you can find. Points will be awarded based on size and age.
220. A first gen ipod [3]
221. A cassette player [4]
222. A VCR [6]
223. A Sega Megadrive [7]
224. Now That’s What I Call Music CDs [or cassettes]. The earlier the better. [1 per CD and 5 extra for the team with the oldest]

Look twice

225. Celebrity look-alikes [1-5 per lookalike – depending on how much of a likeness there is] Bonus points for Kurt Cobain.

Stick it to you

226. Chopsticks [1]
227. Pimp stick [4]
228. Walking Stick [3]
229. Talking stick [7]
230. Walking and talking with walkie-talkies [3]

Just because we can!

231. A stained sugar-glass window [6]
232. The oldest faculty member you can find [2 point for every 5 years over 60 they are]
233. A tribal dance. War paint and loincloths encouraged [Points awarded at the discretion of the judges]
234. Identical twins. [3] Bonus points if they are dressed the same.
235. Shoes in every size from 3 to 13. [1 per size]
236. Garden gnome Chomsky [6]
237. Stash from other universities [1 point per item maximum of 5 items]
238. Pregnancy simulator [7]
239. As many Sarahs as you can find in one room [1 point per Sarah]
240. A blue moon [4]
241. Extension lead with most number of plugs [1 point per plug]
242. The leaning tower of pizza [Points awarded at the discretion of the judges]
243. Bring us a bottle of high-proof alcohol. [1 point for every five percent over 50abv]

Captain Ben and His Merry Wenches

Team Members: Megan Williams, Louise Anthony, Sarah Leiter and Rebecca Gemmell- all first year Newnham medics, plus Ben Gadsby, a first year Homertonian mathmo.

They want to dress as pirates. That\’s good enough for me!

\"captain-ben-and-his-merry-wenches-part-1\"Ben and Louise gender swapping

\"captain-ben-and-his-merry-wenches-part-2\"Sarah, Megan and Rebecca formalling


Team Members: Nick Russell, Monika Sobiecki, Andrena Ball, Simon Woolf, Ludmila Demtchenko (until 09:00 Thursday, Alice Mannion thereafter)

A full-bodied wine with generous fruit, nicely balanced by oak which would make an ideal accompaniment to red meats and cheese. Serve at room temperature.


Slay Belles

Team Members: Joshua Blanchard Lewis (Jesus), A Pretty Bird (NH), A Mysterious Woman (NH), Dominic Carr (Clare) and Amy Booth (Clare)

A disparate group of quirky individuals whose only common feature – apart from their dashing charm and tremendous sex appeal – is their Terrible Dark Secret. Tremble at shadows, quiver at night, for they are all-knowing and omnipotent, and none shall withstand their onslaught!