Day 1 Review – Number 7 Bus

Aside from the beautiful alliteration they\’ve brought us in the title, this team was really quite busy. We hope to get the photographs of their achievements up at some point; for now descriptions will have to suffice.

Their knowledge of historical fashion was excellent, and they were big fans of buses, including a snapshot of their signature motorised vehicle as their team mascot. Incredible organisational skills also allowed them to punt tourists down the Cam before lunch as well as amount an impressive collection of minor items. Their big fish, little fish and cardboard box was very well presented.

We were extremely impressed also by their persuasive abilities in getting one of the Caius porters to write on the The Flag is Flying Today Because noticeboard, \”because Team Number 7 Bus own it!\”. Satisfying both capturing and bringing us a college flag, we threw in a bonus point for this incredible feat. Secondly, whilst meditating in Sainbury\’s, they somehow convinced a member of staff not only to join them cross-legged on the floor, but to be told to by his manager.

Day 1 Review – Will Sell Sex for Points

This team has taught us that not sharing cars will lead to a violent bloodbath:


Other triumphs included a pentalingual dictionary for which we gave them a bonus point. Bilen kindly performed some of Wuthering Heights in Semaphore for us. They\’re also currently in the lead for the largest bra, into which one of their team members could fit her head.

We\’ll leave you with their exquisitely decorated and highly contraversial family tree:


Day 1 Review – The Peterhouse Mafia

Visiting us nice and early, they brought a host of small items. We liked the pirate flag that they\’d obviously captured, their Countdown keyring and the propaganda of Lenin (complete with his signature Mohican and multiple piercings) inviting us to join the party.

We\’ll also share these two amusingly photoshopped pieces. Whilst they\’re not getting any more than a point for so obviously trying to trick us, we still like the natural look they\’ve achieved.

\"Me \"Me

Day 1 Review – Team Internet

Team Internet\’s contributions today were overshadowed by their prolific attempts to steal pictures from the internet and pass them off as their own. They\’re also getting no bonus points for nerdy arguments; whatever they say, Yoda is not a revolutionary leader.

We do have quite a bit of their work to show off though, starting with some fine videos. Firstly, here is their excellent interpretation of Live Action Tetris.

We also have their game of Manly Scrabble. We particularly like the play that changes \’UG\’ to \’JUGS\’:

They also brought us a fine picture of Abraham Lincoln made out of macaroni, but he was missing his hat. Phillip\’s GCSE coursework was appalling, in all honesty; his picture of the experiment for measuring the resistance of a filament lamp left me quite bewildered as to how it scored any marks at all. The team successfully brought us the correct set of Star Trek movies, we won\’t reveal which those are just yet. Their TV theme Medley consisted of Neighbours, Eastenders, Doctor Who, Postman Pat and The Bill, plus one other we didn\’t get. We were also big fans of their \’string quartet\’ which we\’ll hopefully get a picture of up at some point.Finally we\’ll leave you with two of their finest photos. A highly accurate tattoo of t.A.T.u. and an extremely pimped out ride, although it doesn\’t have a single X-Box:

\"A \"One

Nearly Time for Dinner

It\’s been a busy day! We\’ve had at least four teams visit us in person, emails from two more and I\’m sure the rest of you are working hard. We\’ll be making a series of updates this evening including some of the best material we\’ve seen.

For now, there\’s a scores page which has -very- rough tallies of how everyone is doing.

Final Scores 2009

  1. 703 – Slay Belles WIN!
  2. 625 – The Politburo
  3. 565 – Pi-Eta-Mon
  4. 560 – Madness?
  5. 510 – The Kittens
  6. 491 – Ruth and the Cake-o-nauts
  7. 439 – Sparta
  8. 404 – The Bavarian Flying Corpse
  9. 367 – Some Assembly Required 2.0
  10. 358 – Decidedly Mediocre
  11. 325 – Captain Ben and his Merry Wenches
  12. 310 – Dave Can\’t Do It
  13. 291 – The Epistemes
  14. 258 – Cheesecake
  15. 234 – Bazalgette and the Englings feat. Liam
  16. 220 – There\’s Nothing Wrong with a Good Tautology
  17. 131 – A-Team
  18. 128 – The Duckings of the Apocalypse


The challenge began at 9am this morning – we were very impressed by the turn out outside GSM that early in the morning!


After a strong black coffee, it\’s time to put the list up for everyone else, happy hunting!

Scavenger Hunt List 2007

Global warming is your problem too

  • A passion fruit [1 point]
  • The least and most carbon neutral bananas, and proof of this fact [3 points each]
  • A poster explaining the dangers of not sharing cars [3 points]
  • Plant a tree [6 points]

The fashionista, they text in TopShop:

  • A high visibility jacket [2 points]
  • Fashion from the \’50s, \’60s, \’70s and \’80s [1 point each]
  • Fashion from the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries [2 points each]
  • A novel alternative to the zip [6 points]

For the Arts students

  • A completed McDonalds application form – we\’ll return it after judging it so you can submit it, no worries [2 points]
  • The most overdue library book [3 points]
  • A trilingual dictionary [3 points]
  • Copies of the same book in more than two languages [1 point per language above two, max 5 points]

A novel approach

  • A complete set of Famous Five books (only Blyton, mind you) [4 points]
  • Burn a book! [1 point]
  • Ban a book! [8 points]
  • Biggles Takes it Rough [2 points]
  • A Raffles book [3 points]
  • A Flashman book [1 point]

Could you sign this for me?

  • An autograph from Neighbours [1 point]
  • An autograph from Tony Blair [4 points]
  • An autograph from Stephen Hawking [8 points]
  • An autograph from a gameshow host [2 points]
  • The deed to someone\’s soul – No need to sign it in blood [1 point]

Leadership qualities

  • A photo of a team member with a world leader [6 points]
  • A photo of a team member with Imre Leader [1 point]
  • A photo of a team member with a lead singer [2 points]
  • A photo of a team member with a scout leader [4 points]


  • A bowl full of only red M&Ms [3 points]
  • A team member completing the Skittles challenge [3 points]
  • A rude word spelled out with Smarties lids [up to 3 points]
  • Candy floss! [1 point]
  • A cake with someone inside it [8 points]
  • Homemade cupcakes – they had better be good [4 points]

From \’round town

  • Animals in Architecture: The Cambridge Information leaflet [1 point per animal, maximum 5 points]
  • A college bursar in their office with a team member [3 points]
  • A team member punting tourists down the Cam [6 points]
  • A rubbing of the Cambridge Brass Rubbing Centre [1 point]
  • Photographs of blue plaques in Cambridge [1 point each, maximum 5 points]
  • A photo with the Cambridge Metal Dude! [3 points]

The writing\’s on the floor

  • Savage Nuneaton [5 points]
  • The Key to the Secrets of the Universe [4 points]
  • High Maintenance Life [2 points]
  • Reality Checkpoint [1 point]
  • Duaea Rotae Hic Relictae Perimentur [3 points]


  • A birth certificate [1 point]
  • A death certificate [2 points]
  • A bronze swimming certificate [3 points]
  • A gay marriage certificate [4 points]
  • A laminated degree certificate [5 points]
  • Make us a wig fit for a judge [6 points]

Saving the world!

  • Legally change your name to a superhero\’s [9 points]
  • Save the world in your superhero outfit! There had better be some footage of your good deeds [7 points]
  • Hug a Hoodie! [2 points]
  • \”By their powers combined I am… Captain Chime Planet!\” A wind chime, a water chime, a fire chime, an earth chime and a heart chime (Bonus points if you can summon a superhero by combining their powers) [1 point for the first, 2 for the second, and so forth]

In today\’s press:

  • The best pun headline [3 points]
  • The best page 3 [3 points]
  • Wednesday\’s cryptic crossword, complete (from a respectable publication) [3 points]
  • Your team in the newspaper [3 points]
  • And, with the leftovers, the best papier mache sculpture [3 points]
  • Get the phrase \”a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest\” onto BBC News\’ Have Your Say [3 points]

Good Music

  • Perform a medley of classic TV theme tunes [1 point per theme tune we recognise, maximum 5 points]
  • Opera glasses [3 points]
  • A string quartet [8 points]
  • Orchestral merchandise [1 point]

Bad Music

  • A ticket to Eurovision [5 points]
  • An original song about your favourite historical figure (Bonus points if it\’s our favourite historical figure too) [up to 5 points]
  • Play a recognisable tune on as many of the following as possible: Wineglasses, spoons, ribs, bottles [1 point each]
  • A new blues song about the Scavenger Hunt [up to 5 points]
  • A re-enactment of your favourite STEPS music video – Bring the original for comparison purposes (Extra points for costumes) [up to 5 points]

Ugly Music

  • A didgeridoo [1 point]
  • Krautrock [1 point]
  • Marillion [9 points]
  • A tattoo of t.A.T.u. [1 point]

Nudge nudge wink wink say-no-more say-no-more

  • Sex up Shakespeare [up to 3 points]
  • A pitch for a porn movie [1 point]
  • A prop from a porn movie [4 points]
  • A fascist porn movie [5 points]
  • Four bankers in a room with no shoes or socks on [4 points]

G\’day, sport

  • A rock. Some paper. Some scissors. Three enter, one leaves [3 points]
  • Beat a college fellow at RPS (best out of 3) [3 points]
  • A team member included in the world ranking of some sport [3 points]
  • An oversized novelty golfball [1 point]
  • Half a golf club [6 points]
  • Something you win when you get a Blue [1 point]

Gotta Catch\’em All

  • A stamp collection [2 points]
  • A collector\’s plate [3 points]
  • A baseball card collection [4 points]
  • A church collection [6 points]


  • Chips [1 point]
  • Mr Chips [8 points]
  • Poker chips [1 point]
  • A computer chip [1 point]

Walk like an Egyptian

  • A human pyramid [1 point per person]
  • An inhuman pyramid [5 points]
  • A photo of a team member at the Pyramids [1 point]
  • Pyramid magazine [3 points]
  • Start your own pyramid scheme! [2 points]

The Ayes Have It

  • An I Spy book [2 points]
  • A Magic Eye book [2 point]
  • A human eye (not attached) [8 points]
  • I, Claudius [1 points]

Sitting on the fence

  • A fence [1 point]
  • Offence [3 points]
  • Defence [3 points]
  • A fencer [1 point]


  • Woo the judges [judges\’ discretion, maximum of 5 points]
  • Woo! The judges [1 point]
  • Wool [1 point]
  • Woes! [1 point per woe, maximum 3 woes]

Fetch and carry

  • Fetch us a plank! [2 points]
  • Bring us a shrubbery! [4 points]
  • Bring us a bonsai! [3 points]
  • Carry water in a sieve [5 points]

Death and taxis

  • Taxidermy [4 points]
  • Tax evasion [3 points]
  • A model taxi [2 points]
  • Taxi driver [1 point]

His Royal Highness

  • Raspberry beret [2 points]
  • Little red corvette [6 points]
  • Diamonds and pearls [2 points each]
  • Cream [1 point]

Itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny…

  • A microdot [7 points]
  • A microfiche [2 points]
  • A Micro Machine [2 points]
  • Microsoft Office! [1 point]


  • Seed [1 point]
  • Secede [10 points]
  • Succeed [2 points]
  • Fail [1 point]
  • Abort, retry, fail? Discuss [up to 5 points]

Building bridges

  • A (new) bridge over the river Cam (Bonus points if we can walk across it without harm) [9 points]
  • A bridge over the river Kwai [2 points]
  • Jeff Bridges [10 points]
  • An Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky bridge [12 points]
  • Cross the Rubicon [10 points]
  • Bridges in Cambridge that vampires can cross [2 points each]

Hit the road

  • A home-made self propelled vehicle [6 points]
  • A home-made steam engine [10 points]
  • Each of the Park & Ride buses [snooker scoring]
  • Pimp your ride [up to 6 points]


  • A pumpkin [3 points]
  • A napkin [1 point]
  • Genuine ration book [5 points]
  • A new on-the-go meal capable of rivalling the sandwich\’s tyrannical monopoly on the food market (Bonus points if carbon neutral) [up to 4 points]
  • The smallest – and the biggest – teacup ever [3 points each]

Nominae Latinae

  • Nepeta cataria [2 points]
  • Camellia sinensis [2 points]
  • Lavandula angustifolia [2 points]
  • Aesculus hippocastanum [2 points]

Personal statement

  • Your team mascot [3 points]
  • A team member with a demonstrably bad hair day [2 points]
  • Show us your party trick [up to 5 points]
  • Evidence that your dad could beat up my dad [4 points]

Flying The Flag (For You)

  • Capture a flag [2 points]
  • A college flag [3 points]
  • As much of Wuthering Heights in semaphore as possible [1 point per sentence, maximum 5 points]
  • The flag of Derbyshire [4 points]

What the hell were we thinking?

  • Snakes on a train [1 point]
  • Solid Snake in a cardboard box [2 points]
  • Big fish, little fish, cardboard box! [1 point each]
  • Largest cup-size bra possible [3 points]
  • Fax me, baby [4 points]

Things that sound the same

  • A thimble [1 point]
  • A thurible [4 points]
  • Propaganda [1 point]
  • Propagandhi [2 points]

They do things differently there

  • A picture of your favourite US president – made out of pasta [up to 5 points]
  • A lantern [1 point]
  • The best gravestone [3 points]
  • A Frenchman, surrendering [2 points]
  • None of this modern nonsense: A passport stamped by the original Axis of Evil [6 points]
  • A confectionery castle [3 points]
  • A chunk of the Berlin Wall [5 points]

Toys and games

  • Monopoly set from outside the UK [2 points]
  • A Transformer [2 points]
  • Megazord! [3 points]
  • A pawn [1 point]
  • Design your own board game: KERPOW!? [up to 4 points]
  • Live action Tetris [5 points]

I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!

  • An oil painting [2 points]
  • Perform a makeover on a team member, complete with before and after photos [4 points]
  • The best celebrity lookalike you can find [3 points]
  • Largest ponytail [3 points]
  • Largest My Little Pony (bonus points if NIB) [3 points]

Mythical creatures

  • A fairy [1 point]
  • A gelatinous cube [1 point]
  • An owlbear [10 points]
  • A toy dragon [1 point]
  • A Care Bear [2 points]
  • Your pokemans. Show them to us [1 point]

My Politics. Let me show you them.

  • A protest banner [3 points]
  • A Green Party membership card [2 points]
  • A French voting ballot [4 points]
  • T-shirts with revolutionary figures on them [1 point per figure, maximum 5]
  • Craft an elaborate conspiracy theory and demonstrate how the Scavenger Hunt is actually controlled by Rept(il)oids [up to 5 points]
  • An MP [9 points]

Leap of faith

  • The highest-ranking religious official you can find (cannot be combined with next item) [3 points]
  • A scientologist (cannot be combined with previous item) [3 points]
  • Meditate in Sainsbury\’s [3 points]
  • Tell our fortunes [up to 3 points]

SCIENCE: It works, damnit

  • A working model volcano [up to 5 points]
  • Freeze something in ice [2 points]
  • Encase something in jelly [2 points]
  • A fossil [1 point]
  • A complete set of Star Trek movies, minus the bad ones (We\’re not telling you which ones are the bad ones) [1 point per good one, -1 point per bad one]
  • As many Isaac Newtons as possible [1 point each]

Film puns

  • 12 monkeys [2 points]
  • Fried green tomatoes [3 points]
  • A girl with a pearl earring [1 point]
  • A labyrinth (massive bonus points for David Bowie in the flesh) [4 points]

The World Is Not Enough

  • People whose surnames are geographical places (Bonus points for Paris Hilton) [1 point each, maximum 5 points]
  • A hat from each continent [1 point each]
  • Carmen Sandiego [10 points]
  • Ye olde mappe of Cammebridge, beinge a complete descripteion of yon fair citie and environs, and ye felle beasts which dwelle thereine [up to 5 points]

Fabulous Prizes!

  • A prize from a gameshow [3 points]
  • Gunge [2 points]
  • Points win Prizes! So Nectar points must win… [1 point per thousand, maximum 5 points]
  • A lottery ticket for Wednesday\’s draw (to be provided before the draw) [1 point]
  • A Nobel Prize [9 points]
  • A Fields Medal [9 points]


  • A new reality TV show [1 point]
  • Survey at least twenty members of the public, presenting your results and methodology. You must ask at least these questions: What is justice? What\’s love got to do with it? What\’s she gonna look like with a chimney on her? Who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman? What is the time? [7 points]
  • Get your team mentioned on a celebrity blog [5 points]
  • Advertisement for a new dessert [2 points]

Education, education, education

  • GCSE coursework [3 points]
  • A ticket to the Millennium Dome exhibition [6 points]
  • Learn conversational Esperanto [5 points]
  • MENSA membership [3 points]

The Manly Category

  • Manly stubble [up to 3 points]
  • Manly scrabble [6 points]
  • A chainsaw [4 points]
  • A boxing glove [1 point]

Make like a tree and leave

  • A family tree that includes both George W. Bush and Kate Bush [4 points]
  • A phylogenetic tree of pasta [4 points]
  • A Lego palm tree [2 points]
  • A shoe tree [2 points]

Twas the Night Before..

The time is nearly upon us. The hunt will begin at 9am tomorrow morning! Read this email very carefully, it contains everything you\’ll need to know!

The List

The list will be released in two stages: firstly at 9am, it can be obtained from the judges outside Great St. Mary\’s church in the centre of town, right opposite the Senate House, secondly it will be placed on the website and emailed to the contact we have in each team at 10am. That\’s one whole vital hour you could gain by coming to see us lovely judges! When you get it, you\’ll note that items have again been organised into small categories – this will function the same as last year – completing a category will earn you one bonus point per item in that category.


Since you have quite considerable time to obtain things on the list, and from experience, the judges will only be available during certain periods for you to bring them things. The schedule is below. The Caius MCR is a small room in the main Caius site: as you enter the college, turn immediately right and follow the path around the court until you go down some steps and through a small tunnel, continue along that path until you reach the corner and the MCR is just on your right. The Caius JCR is very close by, just continue following the path around the court and there are two sets of double doors into a large undercroft hallway, the JCR is clearly labelled on the left as you enter. The Department of Genetics is on the Downing Site, and is best found following this map: If you can\’t find the site itself, use this map: When you get there, ask reception for Chris Field and I\’ll come to see you.

PLEASE be aware that in Caius there may be exams going on, if not people revising, so try to avoid making excessive noise. If for some reason we should be removed from either the MCR or JCR, we\’ll try to find somewhere nearby and let you know as soon as possible where that is.


  • 9:00am-9:15am
    • List released outside Great St. Mary\’s
  • 10:00am
    • List released online
  • 2:00pm-6:00pm
    • Judge(s) will be in Caius MCR for items
  • 7:00pm-9:00pm
    • Judge(s) will be in Caius JCR for items


  • 9:00am-12:00pm
    • Judge(s) will be in Dept. of Genetics
  • 2:00pm-6:00pm
    • Judge(s) will be in Caius MCR
  • 7:00pm-9:00pm
    • Judge(s) will be in Caius JCR
  • 8:00pm
    • National Lottery Draw!

Outside of these times you can of course email us, this is encouraged! Especially if you have photo/video items that we can look at from work or home. If you\’re really desperate to show us something and we\’re not officially around, then you could email and be asked to trek miles outside of town to where we live. So you don\’t want to do that, ok?

Rules and Queries

The rules are as written on the website. PLEASE make sure you have read them. PLEASE also make sure that you don\’t get into any trouble during the event – don\’t aggrevate the public, fellows, college staff, fellow students and especially the police.

If, and undoubtedly you will, you have any queries about items on the list, then email us, we\’ll respond as swiftly as we can. Be aware that some are deliberately cryptic or open to interpretation, so we might not tell you much about those! We hope to be continuously updating the website, but we have work to do too sadly, so much of it may have to wait until you\’ve all finished and we can count up scores.

And Finally

Have fun! We hope to meet you all in person and then when it\’s all over, go down the pub or something. We\’d have arranged a party or something, but we really had not expected this overwhelming response! Thanks to you all for taking part, I can only hope you\’ll say the same to us on Wednesday evening!