Boobies make me smile

That\’s a team name. Not that boobies don\’t make me smile you understand. But in this case it\’s a team name. Boobies make me smile!

Members: Sabrina Verjee, Ed Moffett, Helen Randall, Hannah Darcy, Emma Kenney-Herbert

The Pirates

You thought the last guys were last minute? They were obviously merely second-last minute. Possibly even third-last.

Please welcome The Pirates!

Jenny Molloy
Janet Scott
Matt Thomsn
Felicity Loudon
Ros Higman

Hatchets and Flies

A team enjoying post last exam revelry, Hatchets and Flies consists of:

Robin Brown (Jesus)
Tim Pattison (Downing)
Charlotte Roach (Trinity)
Polly Keen (New Hall)
Liam Richardson (Jesus)

We\’ve been chang-ed in development!

They are all students of the Development Studies program (MPhil) and apparently, can\’t resist a good pun!


Members: Erin Andrews (Pembroke), Valentina Barca (St. Edmunds), Anurag Gupta (Queens), Muhammad Irfan (St. Johns), Renata Lemos (Wolfson)

Pretty David

They\’ve been having a hectic time of late, but they made it! Pretty David have some rather excellent names!


Members: Anyetta White, Quinby Frey, David Mack (not eponymous, though of course also pretty), Adam Bennet, Alice Shone

Team Rofflecopter

Team Rofflecopter weren\’t able to get a photo, but they used their exceptional skills with Microsoft Paint to produce a team portrait.


Members: Matt Gamage, Jess Allen, Maria Moynihan, Alison Baylay, Lia Chappell

Phase space and the Wronskians

It wouldn\’t be a scavenger hunt without some Trinity Mathmos. Here\’s Phase space and the Wronskians!

Jon *hesitation* Tims
James \’Science!\’ Brister
Will \’oooer\’ Brooks
Ed Ignatius Morland
Matt \’flirting with respectable\’ Hickford

Aural Bizarre

They didn\’t have a team name so I (Chris) cruelly made one up (it should be pretty obvious how), Aural Bizarre consist of:

Laura Brazier (New Hall)
Thomas Acland (Robinson)
Jess Hyslop (New Hall)
Nicholas Walters (St. Catz)
Sarah Kelly (New Hall)