It Begins!

Hail, Scavengers! The list is up – – and we have physical copies available wherever there are judges. Which, at present is St. Catharines\’ College bar. Come. Bring us items. Dazzle us with your creativity and pizzazz.

EDIT: We\’ve moved: Now in Woodlark 3, Catz. (Up the stairs to the left as you enter the college.)

EDIT: Time for the judges to go for dinner. We\’ll be back at 7! (Still in Woodlark 3.)

EDIT: Right, we\’re going to call it a night, kids. See you tomorrow, 12pm, Woodlark 3! xoxo

EDIT ONCE MORE AGAIN: And we\’re back online! Woodlark 3, here until nine (possibly with another break for dinner, we\’ll see), please bring us things. And we\’re adding an item to the lists, in the interest of charity: we\’re offering 25 points if you raise £15 or more in sponsorship and donations.

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