It Is The End…

…but the moment has been prepared for.

It has been a hugely entertaining couple of days. All the way through Saturday, Xe Leptfromcoma and Lavender Scavengers brought us item after item, entertaining us and pushing against each other and beating Emily at chess. It looked like a two-horse race, but come Sunday Not Enough Books appeared with over 450 points\’ worth of items, pushing into first place. As we entered the closing hours of the Hunt, the difference between the three teams was less than ten points, with Not Enough Books just barely in the lead… But a last-minute push from Souradip, LavScav\’s last standing member, brought them into first place, and a final tally confirmed them as the winners.

Lavender Scavengers: 523.77
Not Enough Books: 490.82
Xe Leptfromcoma: 484.75
Thieving Magpies: 10
Geography Trilost: 5

Lavender Scavengers: You made us laugh so many times, from your beautiful seven-minute slo-mo run around Trinity\’s Main Court to Souradip\’s teaching the Time Warp to a stranger despite not knowing it himself, to your delightful Adventure Time cover and coming tantalisingly close to dead dropping Michael French. Bravo, congratulations on the win, and now it\’s your turn…

Not Enough Books: We suspect that you might, in fact, have had enough books. The 41 Discworld novels was something we\’d been hoping to see (and you gave Roisin a new profile picture, so kudos for that),  you get major points for style for breaking the Scavenger Hunt, and I\’m sure my sister will really appreciate the gift of 12 different flavours of lubricant (in delightful pink wrapping!)…

Xe Leptfromcoma: We liked your romantic picnic with a bike, your sycophantic poetry, Goonvile and Cayus and your continued insistence that your plant was a person. You fought hard, and we hope that the bonds of friendship you formed during the hunt last long into the future.

Thieving Magpies: I liked your sign-up email, and just wish we\’d met you.

Geography Trilost: You seemed so keen on Saturday morning, being the first to turn in an item, and rushing off to the UL to find points. Unfortunately, you were never seen again… And a quirk of the scoring system puts you behind even the team that didn\’t turn up, which is sad.


Thank you everyone who participated, we had a whale of a time. Join the Lavender Scavengers next year when (hopefully) they\’ll be running the 2017 Hunt. Now, if you\’ll excuse us, we have about 283 jelly beans to eat.

~Flattus Rattus~

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