Day 2 Review – The Cambridge Unnameables

With this team there is so much to say. Mary was the most prolific email correspondant by far and when we finally met her on Wednesday evening, everything we\’d ascertained from her correspondance seemed to make sense. One thing\’s for sure though, nearly everything they did from the list, they did with exceptional style!

Starting with examples of that style, they didn\’t bring us ordinary pictures of bridges that vampires can cross, oh no, they had Aidan dress as a vampire to cross those bridges. Similarly when sending us photos of people whose names are geographical places, they made them look awesome. When it came to seceding from a political organisation, it just had to be done in black tie. As for the Owlbear, it took three of them to \’make\’ it, and was quite indescribably fantastic, mostly for involving Mary climbing onto someone\’s shoulders, all wearing black and tree branches. Sadly there is no photo of that feat.

\"Out \"Famous \"Dapper\"

Moving to more miscellaeneous items, they planted a slightly skeletal tree, found someone in the university who owned a My Little Pony, brought us a cake with a toy soldier (apparently an extra team member) inside it and also managed to punt some tourists.

\"A \"What’s \"Sunny

Other noteable scavenges included a The Simpsons monopoly set, more dressing up in order to save a copy of Le Monde and sending Chris a fax via Caius. On video we can show you Blaise defeating a fellow at Rock, Paper, Scissors and also crossing a new bridge across the Cam, constructed from the plank they had earlier fetched for us.

Perhaps part of their success was down to their unique access to the Institute of Theology and associated religious establisments. It meant that for copies of the same book in multiple langauges, we were shown Bibles in English, French, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Syriac and Coptic. Then we have Mary pictured with both a bishop and a president of a seminary. Additionally, for whatever reason, the wife of a fellow offered her help to the team and when asked if she could make the presidential pasta portrait, gathered several different types of pasta and produced a marvellous George Washington. Finally in related matters, enjoy Chris munching on red M&Ms from the church collection plate they borrowed.

\"Which \"George \"Handsome

They were no strangers to attempting to bluff us into giving them points either. Much like WSSFP, they crossed the Rubicon fruit juice, although they did bring every flavour. They also told Chris\’ fortune by observing the fall of doughnut sugar over a picture of Tiger Woods, then channelling Tiger\’s innate divining powers to reveal my fate. After researching the Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky bridge and finding it to be a wormhole, they brought exactly that, from their garden in a jamjar of course. Their Carmen Sandiego was not a women dressed in red, alas, but it was a copy of the original game.

To finish our sparkling review of their performance we have their musical talent. It began with a medley of US TV themes (it made a change from Neighbours and Eastenders) on Wednesday morning. Then in the afternoon we were treated to a guitar-accompanied blues song in which they mostly woke up in the morning. Apparently the lyrics to their song about Jesus, naturally their favourite historical figure, were made up on the way to see us, but they flowed so well they could have had their own rock group. The piece de resistance however was mostly definitely the string quartet which comprised entirely of team members. We were both wowed and wooed. Inspiring stuff!

\"The \"A

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