Thus, with our reviews complete, we come to the awards. Obviously, everyone who took part won in some way, we hope, by having fun, but there was a scoring system to reward those who showed true scavenging prowess. In addition, we\’ve selected further categories in which to honour our teams and have mentioned once again the bonus points we awarded for impressive completion of a task or item.

Top Three

  • Gold Medal – Team Internet, for actually scoring the most points. Their strength lay in indiscriminately spamming us with as many items as possible, bravo!
  • Silver Medal – Would Sell Sex For Points, coming in a brave second.
  • Bronze Medal – The Cambridge Unnameables, in a very close third.


  • String Quartet Award for Musical Flair – The Cambridge Unnameables, for all their playing and singing
  • Colouring Pencils Award for Artistic Ability – Trinity Blue, for their posters
  • Missing Nobel Prize Award for Scientific Endeavour – Team Badger for both the ice in a sieve and their gunge
  • What Dignity? Award for Voluntary Humiliation – Phil Bielby of Team Internet, for his frighteningly good makeover
  • I Can Tell Because I\’ve Seen a Few of Them in My Time Award for Photoshop Endeavours – Peterhouse Mafia, for their world leaders
  • Spin Doctor Award for Outrageous Lying – Will Sell Sex For Points, because that wasn\’t a piece of the Berlin Wall
  • Copy Pasta Award for Stealing from the Internet – Team Internet, because of Phil
  • Essay Due In Award for Creative Writing – Will Sell Sex For Points, for their essay on emo kids
  • Fabulous Finesse Award for Style – The Cambridge Unnameables, for so many reasons

Bonus Points

  • Number 7 Bus – Getting the Caius porter to \’give\’ them the college flag, getting a member of staff to meditate with them in Sainsbury\’s
  • Team Internet – Getting a picture of the blue plaque in the Mayor\’s office and developing their own notation for Wuthering Heights in semaphore
  • Will Sell Sex For Points – Finding a five-language dictionary, putting together a 12-person human pyramid
  • The Cambridge Unnameables – Dressing as a vampire for the purpose of crossing bridges, the string quartet

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