Day 2 Review – Trinity Blue

After meeting us to collect the list early on Tuesday morning, we didn\’t see them again until Wednesday, apparently due to rowing. We\’re glad they showed up eventually though! We\’re missing pictures of many things so unfortunately descriptions will have to suffice.

Firstly, someone had some serious drawing talent. They produced a superbly coloured-in poster warning of the dangers of driving alone and also a combined protest banner/book banning asking us to \’Say No to Pharmacology\’. Their cakes were also quite delicious. Alex sang a lovely medley of TV themes, on her own, bless. She then recounted the many woes she had from the day\’s rowing before. Their flag of Derbyshire was unparalleled, complete with flagpole and again, hand coloured. The team also brought us the only genuine (or as genuine as you can probably get) chunk of the Berlin wall – it had that \’sold to tourists\’ feel about it. Alex also told Chris\’ fortune through palmistry, she\’s clearly a very talented young lady. They combined 4 items in one with their gelatinous cube of jelly-ice containing a thimble, brought us a single statement with 8500 nectar points, the most we\’ve ever seen, and had a pasta family tree that extended over three pages. Finally, their survey revealed that the public is torn between Superman and Batman if they were to fight. All in all, an impressive haul for just a morning\’s work, well done!

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