CUSH 2014 Results

The results are in (to two decimal places – using logs to score some items is fun!)

PCaRCHs 680.98
Shersoc 668.50
You’ll Never Beat The Irish 492.66
St Catharine\’s College Mariachi Band 405.84
Crazy Scientists 317.04
??? 266.49
Hoping not to be alone forever 138.00
FBM 5.12
Communist Citchen 0
Rainbow is the New Black 0

It became clear at some point this afternoon that we were witnessing a two-horse race, but neither team was able to pull appreciably ahead despite each of them bringing an enormous quantity of items. It could have easily gone either way, and we scoured the spreadsheet during the post-hunt judging for any missing points for either team. Congratulations to the PCaRCHs, and our hearts go out to Shersoc for coming so close.

The judges have enjoyed this hunt immensely, and were consistently impressed by the items everyone was bringing to be judged. We\’ve mentioned some of our highlights from each team below.

Communist Citchen: For being the keenest team pre-hunt, and arguably the least keen during the hunt.

The St. Catharine’s College Mariachi Band: For being cross-dressed far longer than the item required, and for getting LITERALLY COLIN MOCHRIE to tweet about CUSH.

Crazy Scientists: Impressive memories and admirable commitment to the physical challenges in the face of intimidating opponents and severe cynicism on our part.

Hoping not to be alone forever: Props for not being alone forever! And a fine performance given that you were only competing for one day. Their disobeying-a-sign-photo was also enjoyably meta.

FBM: For having the smallest non-zero points total at the end!

PCaRchs: The trailer for next year\’s hunt brought a smile to the Judge\’s faces start to end. Competing even though you were in bumps was very impressive, and it was clear that you were burning the midnight oil from the number of videos the judges woke up to.

You’ll Never Beat The Irish: The effects of a pangalactic gargleblaster, and literally obtaining the actual plans for a local bank. One of the judges was also delighted to meet someone even more knowledgeable of Animaniacs\’ musical repertoire than he was!

Shersoc: The Emperor\’s New Clothes, and what it almost cost you. Space T-Rex was beyond the judge\’s wildest dreams, as was Hood, their incredible Batman villain. Their regular delivery of items kept the judges entertained throughout the hunt.

The Team Latterly Known as ??????: A felt lined case packed full of goodies and wearing more clothes than anyone else. Their watermelon was also a masterpiece combining equinology with the Doctor\’s oldest and deadliest enemy.

Rainbow is the New Black: For raising the judges\’s hopes that we\’d see you again, and then dashing them against the rocks 🙁

Most importantly, thank you to everyone who competed over the last two days and for making this an unforgettable scavenger hunt for us to both run and judge. We are organising a pub trip for Sunday night for everyone to meet in a non-competitive setting (or a least not one controlled by the judges). Keep your eyes peeled here and on Twitter for details…

Hugs and kisses,

The AP Allstars

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