Pub Trip

The judges are still recovering from the excitement that was CUSH 2014. To aid this difficult recovery process, and to try and fill the hole that they now find in their lives, the traditional post-hunt pub trip will take place on Sunday evening (the 15th of June) in the Fort St George on Midsummer Common in The Old Spring on Chesterton Road, as the Fort is mysteriously closing early this evening. The judges will be there from 1930 for the duration of the evening, and everyone who entered a team, helped a team or simply enthusiastically followed the ensuing chaos is welcome to join us.

If you would like to join us, try to let us know via Twitter or email (adr34) so we can book an appropriately sized table if necessary. Even if you don\’t join us for the pub, make sure you enjoy May Week and all the associated pleasures it brings.

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