The Final Results

Since the hunt finished an hour ago, the judges have been considering the last e-submissions, adding up the scores, and checking and re-checking them.

Today has seen dramatic changes of fortune. At the beginning of the day there were three teams that seemed to be in with a good chance of winning. A late entry from one-man-superteam FBM briefly shook things up, and when the Masters of the Lint tripled their score in a single visit it was clear there was still everything to play for.

But two teams put on impressive late surges. With one hour to go until the end of the competition there was just 0.76 points between Team Anonymous A and Flattus Rattus. Team Anonymous A brought a final flurry of late items, including an especially beautiful Marauder\’s Map of Selwyn, and at 9 PM the judges\’ spreadsheet had them in the lead.

But a final check of the CUSH gmail account revealed an 862 MB zip file from Flattus Rattus sent at 8:57 PM! Once these, including the amazing \”Dumb ways to die – Jelly Edition\”, were added on, Flattus Rattus had edged ahead.

Final scores
The Bermuda Pentagon: 0
Anonymous C: 0
Anonymous D: 0
FBM: 69.5
Masters of the lint: 443.23
Anonymous A: 625.90
Flattus Rattus: 687.17

We would like to thank all the teams,

FBM – for the team with the least members, and the shortest participation time, you punched well above your weight. We\’ve never seen a pint consumed that quickly. Congrats!

The Bermuda Pentagon – you had the best name, it would have been even better if you had brought us some items!

Anonymous A – You came so very close, both to achieving an astonishing new Guiness World Record (for the most peas eaten with a cocktail stick in 5 minutes), and to winning the entire hunt. Thanks for your sterling efforts in the Treasure Hunt in the face of great adversity.

Flattus Rattus – You made us laugh again and again with your videos (we hope you have recovered from the onion-induced heartburn!), your array of costumes and your ingenuity in jelly baby genocide.

Anonymous C and D – you were the first sign-ups and you really lived up to your name by remaining anonymous, and unseen, throughout the entire hunt so well done on that.

The Masters of the Lint – Your feats of physical exertion, from a minute\’s headstand to reaching 8 of Cambridge\’s 9 co-ops, were deeply impressive. You also brought us someone who was really very tall, and our favourite David Attenborough documentary.

It\’s been a joy to see the amazingly inventive items you have all brought to us over the last 36 hours. The competition has really been intense with the lead shifting again and again over the final hours. Thanks for all your dedication, imagination and enthusiasm.

We\’re going to be in the Fort St. George from 8 PM on Sunday night to recuperate after the excitement of the hunt. Please do join us for this pub-meet if you can. (Drop us an email at if you plan to, please).

All the best for the summer!

The Judges

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