Day 2 Review – WSSFP

The second of our three overexcited and perhaps a little overzealous teams. So for starters, enjoy Claire posing with their dictionary that contains no less than 5 different languages. Then we have Lucy modelling the wig they made and their Famous Five collection (number 16 was in a different photo):

\"She \"Objection!\" \"Golly!\"

They were also quite good at videoing their achievments. Most of them, whilst embarassing, aren\’t all that amazing. However we will share with you The Amazing Adventures of Owlman and Bilen\’s party trick, a rather impressive backflip. Back in pictures, despite access to the Newnham art room, they preferred many of their creations on the floor. Here we have their superb confectionary castle, another Abraham Lincoln without a hat and our second favourite owlbear (it just looks so cute!):

\"I \"Where’s \"Aww\"

Not in pictures for a while now. They managed to be the only team who gave us an interpretation of non-wind chimes that we awarded points to with their wind chimes decorated with hearts and love in big letters. Their favourite historical figure was the Duke of Wellington. Their attempt at discussing the difficult Abort, Retry or Fail question was truly inspiring though, giving us a brief analysis of the social phenomenon known as \’emo kids\’. They were the first team to come to us and cross the Rubicon by jumping over the well-known brand of tropical fruit juice. Bilen\’s semaphore was a re-enactment of the famous Monty Python sketch from which we derived the task. Other items we sadly can\’t share are their 12 pictures of a cuddly monkey in various situtations, their very original mappe of Cambridge and the team performing big fish, little fish, cardboard box in Cindies.

Back to pictures, we were astonished by one of their two pyramids, I bet you can\’t work out which of these it was:

\"Some \"Twelve

And to finish off their magnificent collection, we have their amusing gravestone(s), Bilen\’s makeover and some extremely manly scrabble:

\"They’d \"Before\" \"After\" \"I’m

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