2014 Teams

We\’ve started to get registrations! All very exciting… This post will be kept updated with the teams that enter.

Communist Citchen: Made up of Liz Adams, Cameron Dashwood, Lucy Lim,Karan Singha and Monika K:



The St. Catharine\’s College Mariachi Band: Who have explicitly informed us that they are not an actual mariachi band, more\’s the pity. They are made up of Curtis Reubens, James Brotherston, Ben Morley, Suzanna Beaupre and Maddy Austin.

Crazy Scientists: Diana Danciu, Sana Waheed, Andrei Sofian, Irina Rasolonjanahary

Hoping not to be alone forever: Kweku Araham (Kudos for showing up by your lonesome)

FBM: Ben Evans, TPJ

PCaRchs: Ana Rita, Mateja Sborchia, Theo S, Kerstin Timm


You\’ll Never Beat The Irish: Vicki McAvinne, Takek Krassowski, Mycroft Mead, Eoin Martyn, Kasia Beiba

Shersoc: Steph Bale, Ellie Griffiths, Charles Cooper, John Cunner, Tim Pearson


The Team Latterly Known as ??????: Heather Brittan, Fred Alford, Joe Allen, Raj Jethwa, Laura Malarky

Rainbow is the New Black: Kate Champion, Charlotte Ferris and as-yet unnamed fellow inmates.

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