Day two!

It\’s time to do it all over again today! Hoping to see lots more impressive items today. We\’re back in the GU until at least 5, whereupon we will likely move again for the home stretch. Keep an eye on Twitter! The Judges would also like to mention some things to bear in mind as we enter our second day.

  • We won\’t allow you to try any of the \’Beat the Judges\’ section after 17:00, to make sure we have enough judges for judging actual items during the inevitably hectic final few hours. So if you want to compete, make sure you do before then!
  • As you try to eke out as many points as you can, remember there is a 20% bonus for any section you complete.
  • Sticker locations (see Twitter!) are worth three points each, and will count as their own section for getting the 20% bonus.
  • Please don\’t remove the stickers when you find them – simply take a photo and send it to us or show us.
  • Reports of stickers going missing were true. We have confirmed all stickers exist as of 9:00 this morning, having replaced them where necessary.

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