And the Results are in!

Its been an amazing 36 hours and we have enjoyed everything that you people have brought to us.

And the winners are

Lesbians of Newnham     650.2


Laser Raptors    447

Filthy Larpists    300.5

Leave it blank for now   255.5

Aquatic Avian   245.5

The Magic Words Are Squeamish Ossifrage   234.5

Big Damn Heroes   222.7

Chugs between my jugs   130.5

Penis  128.5

Sc-Avenger 1

Anything 0


Congratulations to the Lesbians of Newnham!

Special Mentions

Lesbians of Newnham– For a team member dressed in the cutest Pikachu outfit and their amazing Queen Victoria Dress and the most outfit changes, including one in a Phonebox. Special mention for the Twitter Challenge where they brought the Staff at the Granta a Maserati!

Laser Raptors- They managed to give us the most disappointing entry for any item but gained many points for trying to break science.  So much fire between the Olympic Torch, Hat and Fire Poi!

– Filthy Larpists-We enjoyed their massive Dragon/Dinosaur who appeared many times and joined us at the desk. They also had amazing chocolate cake! And for bringing all the boys to the yard with their milkshake!

Leave it blank for now-They had the most talented team member we have ever met who entertained us by licking his elbow, nose and blowing bubbles without soapy liquid! They also gave the most beautiful rendition of the Elephant Love Medley.

Aquatic Avian- For sheer determination and most points gained through paper and pen!

The Magic Words Are Squeamish Ossifrage- We enjoyed your team entry for your imaginative names and we loved your amazing memory! An entire Chapter of the Bible!!!!!!

Big Damn Heroes-We enjoyed all the armour and weaponry and Nigel was awesome!

Chugs between my jugs- An amazing attempt at some Newnham Stereotypes from a team mostly composed of men!

-Penis – Least Childfriendly name created in a panic

Sc-Avenger , Anything, FBM –For not doing anything apart from turning up at the beginning!


Congrats to everyone and we will be having a get-together in The Granta tomorrow night at 7 if anyone wants to come along!

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