And it begins!!

Yay, the scavenger hunt has started and we are getting tons of wonderful entries. Remember to check the tumblr and twitter account for updates.

Here are the teams (but you can still sign up if you want ūüôā )

Name: The Magic Words Are Squeamish Ossifrage

Team members: Tamsin Lim (Captain), Emily Smith (Quartermaster), Will Bryan (Midshipman), Anna Wagner (Powder Monkey)

Name: Lesbians of Newnham

Team Members: Kate Champion, Charlotte Ferris, Kim Millard, Megan Goldman-Roberts, Martha Hawker


Name:¬†\”Filthy Larpists\”

Team members: Megan Williams, Andrew Mason, Steph Leddington, James Robson, Tea Kew

Name: \”FBM\”
Team members: Martyn Higson, Steen Pettit, Esther Momcilovic, Dom Carr, Rob Norton

Name: Chugs between my jugs
Team members: Abi Lucas, Sam Ashcroft, Pete Gould, Pete Townsend, Will Bowers

Name: Penis

Team members: Hannah Basford, Will Robinson, Mike Sargeant, Tina Roushannafas

Name: Laser Raptors

Team members: Adam Greig, Sean Tull, Laurie Burchell, Thomas Watling, Rob Thompson


Name: Big Damn Heroes

Team members: Gregory Weir, Emily Roon, Alex Guttenplan, Rosie Shewell-Brockway, Maddie Sharman

Name: Leave this blank for now

Team members: Kweku, Jenny, Rachel, Becca, Cristina

Name: Aquatic Avians

Team members: Admiral IceBreaker, Jayaveni Chedumbarum-Pillay, Sophie Kneller,  Katie Hocking

If you have any corrections to the teams, please send us an email ūüôā

Remember to send us photos and videos.

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