Day 2 Review – Team Internet

Where to start with this team, they were truly prolific in bringing us as many things as they possibly could, often for us to reject their cunning, but still impressive enough to amount the score they did.

The first set of pictures here show a banana tree (very carbon neutral), their stolen poster warning us about a lack of car-sharing, planting a tree from an apple seed and their scout leader, in uniform:

\"Banana \"Don’t \"Will \"Dib

Moving on to sweeter things. Whilst superb preparation went into Richard\’s attempt at the Skittles challenge, it didn\’t help. Then there\’s their confectionary castle, complete with a team member \’inside\’ it. The cupcakes were also delicious.

\"Tasting \"This

Onto more serious pursuits now. Somehow, they managed to get a Caius porter (perhaps the same one responsible for the flag incident on Day 1) to officially ban an obscure sci-fi book from the lodge. They also burnt a book and as an attempt to revolutionise the fashion industry, made quite a nice pun on the item in question by sending us an electronic version of the novel Dune, compressed using zip. We\’ll also share their amusing leaflet, Animals in Architecture, Phillip with the college domestic bursar and Richard punting some tourists:

\"Phil’s \"They

Further achievements included completing the cryptic crossword from Wednesday\’s Telegraph, singing us a fine song about Henry VII and beating Dr E. Anderson at Rock, Paper, Scissors (only after losing however). They did a fine job of faking a string quartet too, with an excellent piece of artwork depicting the quartet and made of string. Their pasta president was Lincoln, without a hat!

\"A \"Abraham

Then there was the fascist porn, oh how we regretted setting that challenge. I won\’t link to it for obvious reasons, but it met the requirements and at least for the first few seconds was amusing. More pictures now: we have the four bankers in a technical orgy and the two different types of pyramid we asked for:

\"Friendly \"Human \"Inhuman

And we\’re not finished there. We were pleased they brought some microfiche from Caius library. Their \’Abort, Retry or Fail\’ flow chart could have been better, but they redeemed themselves with a mathematical proof that their dad(s) could beat up our dad(s). We were genuinely impressed with Richard\’s swift mastery of semaphore and subsequent cover verison of \’Wuthering Heights\’ by Kate Bush. Obviously whilst he was learning that, the girls had been studying too, showing off their Esperanto skills in a short skit for us. Phil was probably busy being made over, and doesn\’t he look lovely:

\"Before\" \"During\" \"After\"

Nearly there now. It\’s worth noting that they faxed Chris at work (and he actually received it, perhaps because it sounded suitably meta-business-speak). Their ye olde mappe featured owlbears, shrubbery and apparently \’here be flagones\’ down by the millpond. Their model volcano, made from fudge, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, did the job, even if it did smell quite revolting. Finally, we\’ll leave you with their labyrinth and one of the results from their survey, part of which we can bring you in all its glory here.


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