Scavenger Hunt List 2008

Art Attack!

Super Size This

Construction Work

Can I give you my card?

Dress to impress

Ride’em, cowboy

A life of idle domesticity

Ear we go again

Further education

New-fangled nonsense

Thicker than water

Feetal position

Stars of the silver screen

Making the world go round

What is there more handsome?

Playing with the boys

This one’s for the ladies

Keep it under yours

These belong in a museum

Visitors to our fair realm

You must be joking

Lost for words…

…and found them again


We don’t know what the theme is here either

Six easy pieces

Face the music

What rhymes with ‘Crocket’?

Oral fixation

So you think we run this for your benefit?

Gardener’s World

The continuation of war by other means

Pressing business

That’s a wrap

We’re never gonna give you up, Mr Astley


Dib dib dib

Tis the season

Snooker scoring

Be a good sport

Style and aplomb

The labours of Hercules

Messing about in boats

Fulfil our whims

Weapons effective against…

The animal kingdom

For the win