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Decidedly Mediocre

A late entry consisting of Bryan Ghosh, Simon Gibbons, Donald Ross, Christine Yallup, Adam Wills. (Sidney Sussex)



Team Members: Jen Berry (NatSci, Peterhouse), Rich Miller (NatSci, Robinson), Robbie Coomber (CompSci, Johns), Rosalind Jack (NatSci, Peterhouse), Tamsyn Hyatt (Historian, Peterhouse)

A late entry but an entry none the less!


Bazalgete and the Englings, Feat. Liam



Team Members: Timothy Bazalgette, Sophie Sawicka-Sykes, Bethany Williams, Roisin Kiberd, Liam Brierley

They’re a group of (mostly) Magdalene second years, composed of hand picked members from last years veteran team of (mostly) the same name.


The Kittens

Team Members: Emily Dunne, Frankie Dubery, Paul Davis



Captain Ben and His Merry Wenches

Team Members: Megan Williams, Louise Anthony, Sarah Leiter and Rebecca Gemmell- all first year Newnham medics, plus Ben Gadsby, a first year Homertonian mathmo.

They want to dress as pirates. That’s good enough for me!

captain-ben-and-his-merry-wenches-part-1Ben and Louise gender swapping

captain-ben-and-his-merry-wenches-part-2Sarah, Megan and Rebecca formalling



Team Members: Nick Russell, Monika Sobiecki, Andrena Ball, Simon Woolf, Ludmila Demtchenko (until 09:00 Thursday, Alice Mannion thereafter)

A full-bodied wine with generous fruit, nicely balanced by oak which would make an ideal accompaniment to red meats and cheese. Serve at room temperature.



The Ducklings of the Apocalyse

Team Members: Coryan Wilson-Shah, Moses Hoyt, Alastair Cliff, Tom Michaelis, Charlie Schoonman



Slay Belles

Team Members: Joshua Blanchard Lewis (Jesus), A Pretty Bird (NH), A Mysterious Woman (NH), Dominic Carr (Clare) and Amy Booth (Clare)

A disparate group of quirky individuals whose only common feature – apart from their dashing charm and tremendous sex appeal – is their Terrible Dark Secret. Tremble at shadows, quiver at night, for they are all-knowing and omnipotent, and none shall withstand their onslaught!




Team Members: Niri Arambepola, Pari Nene, Sarah Tariq

There are 3 of them…and they like buildings and food.



Ruth and the Cake-o-nauts

Team Members: Christopher Berry, Alex Rea, Dan Oliver, Gen Zhang, Felix Nissen

Returning from last year under a slightly different name with a slightly
different team… A crew of fourth year Churchillian physicists with
nothing left to lose.



The A-Team

Team Members: Susie Yates, Jane Aston, Jamie Goodland, Alex Heywood, Tom Gillespie



Dave Can’t Do It

Team Members: Matt, Laurie, Laura, Doug and James (all from Fitz)

What they have to say for themselves: “We are a team entirely without Daves ( which is a shame, as we like Dave.)  We have combined the forces of earth, wind and computer science with the smoothness of Jim Reeves and the logic of Jonathan Creek. We are determined. Even Dave thinks we can do it. And Dave is a genius.



The Sussexy Stalins

Team Members: Roger Clarke, Sam Kirsop, Alex Campsie, Greg Styger, Mark Sommerfeld (1st day), Abigail Schultz (2nd day)

After much deliberation, they’ve called themselves “The Sussexy Stalins” (apparently there are reasons behind it…)



Team Members: William Barter, Daniel Hine, Steven Shenton, Matt Taylor, Elena Yudovina


Though it’s Boom Squad’s first time running it, we’ve never wanted to meet a team as much as we want to meet this one! I mean having 5 Gera


Some Assembly Required 2.0

Team Members: Ryan Hamlet, Alex Collins, Yuan Zhang, Ollie King, Simon Coll

Some Assembly Required is back and better than ever!
Consisting of 3 CompScis, a MathMo and a token arts student, these 2nd
year Churchillians are ready to take home this years trophy*. With more
moving parts, more choking hazards and a bigger, stronger tube of
solvent based glue, they are sure to dismantle the competition!

* Or a sense of pride and achievement in the event of their being no
actual prize.



The Epistemes

Team Members: Richenda Herzig, Adam Kessler, Nina Walters, Owen Kennedy

Born in a rubbish dump on the outskirts of London, the Epistemes have been scavenging since birth. Nina searches through skips, Adam dredges rivers, Richenda plunders shipwrecks, and Owen does what he can to help, bless him. Together they form a team, the likes of which haven’t been seen since – oh, about last Wednesday. They are THE EPISTEMES.



The Clique (Minus One)

Team Members: Owen Pyle, Miri Fenton, Jess Ibrahim, Taz Rasul and Francis Banwell

Together, they make up “The Clique (Minus One)”



Kamp Kambridge Krew

Team Members: Chris Hands (Churchill), Aaron Barker (Clare), Zoe Holder (Trinity), Izzy Richards (Trinity), Nikki Bailey (New Hall)

5 first years, brought together by a love for cross-dressing, the southwest, alcohol, and silliness. Among other things.



The Politburo

Team Members: Comrade Abigail Baker, Comrade Martin O’Leary, Comrade David Birch, Comrade Irene Gallego-Romero, Comrade Chris Field




And In Last Place…

Team Members: Nic Farnworth, Thomas Clark, Marianne Pope, Chris Berrow and Tim Allen


Will they? Won’t they?


The Beating Chastards College

Team Members: Peter ‘Hare’ Moore (St Eds), Chris ‘Mouse’ Miller (Girton), Jack ‘Squirrel’ Day (Fitz), Sol ‘Donkey’ Richardson Catz)

1 vegan, 2 days, 4 vets, 200+ treausres and lots of beer. Its doubtful we’ll actually find any tresaure becaus we’ll get side-tracked by diving into rivers or the North Sea wearing nothing but black Y-fronts. Also the cows on Midsummer common are bound to distract us and our arms, as are girls with small feet. Plus we’ll need to be constantly supplied with Wispas and the really old one among us will need regular sit downs and an IV drip of tea.



The Bavarian Flying Corpse

Team Members: Rachel Chadwick, Roseanna Pendlebury, Fraser McNair, Alicia Danks, Edward Morland

What they have to say for themselves: We’re a motley collection of students who know each other through shared societies
such as the CUSFS and Poohsoc.