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Boobies make me smile

That’s a team name. Not that boobies don’t make me smile you understand. But in this case it’s a team name. Boobies make me smile!

Members: Sabrina Verjee, Ed Moffett, Helen Randall, Hannah Darcy, Emma Kenney-Herbert


The Pirates

You thought the last guys were last minute? They were obviously merely second-last minute. Possibly even third-last.

Please welcome The Pirates!

Jenny Molloy
Janet Scott
Matt Thomsn
Felicity Loudon
Ros Higman


Bazalgette and the Englings

A last minute addition to our roster is Bazalgette and the Englings, a group of freshers from Magdalene. Welcome!

Tim Bazalgette
Roisin Kiberd
Sophie Sawicka-Sykes
Jenny Stark
Beth Williams


Hatchets and Flies

A team enjoying post last exam revelry, Hatchets and Flies consists of:

Robin Brown (Jesus)
Tim Pattison (Downing)
Charlotte Roach (Trinity)
Polly Keen (New Hall)
Liam Richardson (Jesus)


We’ve been chang-ed in development!

They are all students of the Development Studies program (MPhil) and apparently, can’t resist a good pun!

Members: Erin Andrews (Pembroke), Valentina Barca (St. Edmunds), Anurag Gupta (Queens), Muhammad Irfan (St. Johns), Renata Lemos (Wolfson)


Pretty David

They’ve been having a hectic time of late, but they made it! Pretty David have some rather excellent names!

Members: Anyetta White, Quinby Frey, David Mack (not eponymous, though of course also pretty), Adam Bennet, Alice Shone


Team Rofflecopter

Team Rofflecopter weren’t able to get a photo, but they used their exceptional skills with Microsoft Paint to produce a team portrait.

Members: Matt Gamage, Jess Allen, Maria Moynihan, Alison Baylay, Lia Chappell


Phase space and the Wronskians

It wouldn’t be a scavenger hunt without some Trinity Mathmos. Here’s Phase space and the Wronskians!

Jon *hesitation* Tims
James ‘Science!’ Brister
Will ‘oooer’ Brooks
Ed Ignatius Morland
Matt ‘flirting with respectable’ Hickford


“Sam doesn’t want us to have a ridiculous name”

Or, as I have decided, Team Ridiculous for short. – Martin

Members: Sam Stone, Donald Ross, Daniel Gorton, Bryan Ghosh, Dean Reilly – Sidney Sussex freshers all.


Aural Bizarre

They didn’t have a team name so I (Chris) cruelly made one up (it should be pretty obvious how), Aural Bizarre consist of:

Laura Brazier (New Hall)
Thomas Acland (Robinson)
Jess Hyslop (New Hall)
Nicholas Walters (St. Catz)
Sarah Kelly (New Hall)


Steve and the Cake-o-nauts

A group of third years from Churchill, Steve and the Cake-o-nauts presumably have some kind of vessel capable of travelling through the treacherous medium of cake.

Nice horns

Members: Jon Ahearn, Christopher Berry, Dan Oliver, Alex Rea, Chris Smowton.


The Famous Five

With some members of last year’s triumphant Team Internet, the temporarily named Internet 2.0 have quite a reputation to live up to! Indeed they are now named The Famous Five.

Members: Anthea Heyes, Jeyaveni Chedumbarum Pillay, Hannah Kitchener, Emilie Yerby, Laura Vale


The Cambridge Unnameables RETURN

Announcing the return of the Cambridge Unnameables! There may well be evidence that we’re a little older, creakier, and slower (that, or we’re taking our work/dissertations more seriously!), but WE’RE BACK, MHUWAHAHA!!

True to form, we have no team picture yet. So here’s one of them from last year, and we’re super-pleased to see them back! – Chris

Team Members: Mary Hom, Aidan Brown couldn’t make it so instead there is the mysterious ‘Ulrich’, Miranda Garfoot, Joe Garfoot and Blaise Thomson.


The Boom Squad

Are you holding out for a hero? Need them to be strong, fast and fresh from the fight? Never fear! The Boom Squad is here! On the hunt, this elite crime-fighting, scavenging team will be around Cambridge for 36 hours of supreme antics. Consisting of:

Akiko - special skills including super radar ears, always tuned into “what’s going down”.
- with the power of charm, she can attain anything.
- with experience in assassinating, flag capturing and general mischief, Elaine is an asset to the team.
Emma - with the gift of the gab she can be counted on to get what you need.
Henri - the token male/Johnian, an essential part of any New Hall team is on hand to fulfill all the manly requirements.

THE BOOM SQUAD, they’re gonna shake this mother’ up.


Some Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required: Scavenger Hunt Team – Churchill College Freshers edition. Contents include 3 Compscis, 1 Mathmo, 1 Linguist, 1 tube solvent based glue. WARNING: Choking Hazard – Unsuitable for children under the age of 3.

Members: Ryan Hamlet, Oliver King, Yuan Zhang, Alex Collins, Simon Coll

We’re glad to see that they’ve risk-assessed themselves. They’ve also been told to include the tube of glue in any team photographs or activities. – Chris