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Team “CUAS”

Team Members: Becky Corrigan, Claire Dawkins, Beki Camm and Mike Probyn.

High Visibility CUAS

Late entrants but seem to have had a fun first day out and about! – Chris


Team “Internet or Something in the Meantime”

Team Members: Richard Gibson, Philip Bielby, Hannah Burton, A Shapeshifting Emilie Yerby/Jayaveni Chedumbarum Pillay, Anthea Heyes.

An Artist's Impression

Some of this lot should have known better and come up with a team name and photo ;). – Chris


Team “Badger”

Team Members: Robin Message, Naomi Keeling and Stephen Taylor.

No picture as yet..

In contrast to my previous posts, I do know Robin. I expect great things! – Chris


Team “Number 7 Bus”

Team Members: Sam Block, Mhairi Murdoch, Ian Heames, Liz Howse and Kate Lager.


I don’t know much about this lot either. They have some of the best surnames of all the entrants, it has to be said. One of Sam’s interests is apparently ‘Mongolian Education Policy’ – well Sam, maybe you’ll get lucky and there’ll be a special category all about that! Maybe. – Chris


Team “We’re Not Sure They Exist”

Team Members: Janet Scott, Suz Tobin and Ellen Turnbull.

Team Upside Down

We are a team of slightly crazy trampolinists, choice quotes being “People have stopped paying any attention when I scream…” and (following a series of near-miss injuries while bouncing), “Do you think God is trying to tell me something?”. Oh and “Janet, can I bite your knee again?” from a Suz extremely hyper on mango. Our strategy to win is therefore to make the whole team hyper on mango on the basis that we then may well do anything. I like mangos. – Chris


Team “Peterhouse Mafia”

Team Members: Jennifer Scott-Thompson, Dave Smith, Joe Veale, Stu Cuthbertson and James Lloyd.

No picture as yet..

We are all second years. I am a mathmo, Dave is a muso, James is an Asnac, Stu
and Joe are Natscis. Dave, Stu and I have done assassins before. James is
weird. We are hoping to do better than we did last mayweek. Oh my god, they have an Asnac! – Chris


Team “Cambridge Unnameables”

Team Members: Mary Hom, Aidan Brown, Miranda Garfoot, Joe Garfoot and the mysterious Mary’s Cousin Chris!

A string quartet

Ah the most mysterious of our entrants, Mary’s sent us the most emails and seems to have put in quite some effort getting a team together. The rest of you had better watch out! Incidentally, her mysterious cousin isn’t me.. – Chris


Team “Exploding Circus Avalanche”

Team members: Chris Turner, Teanning Chan, Daniel Ross


Apparently they’re “All first year math students from Peterhouse”. Their being mathmos, I can’t tell if this means that each of them is a first year math student, or that collectively they are all of the first year math students. Chris says they “look like dudes” though. – Martin


Team “Trinity Blue”

Team Members: Charley Bates, Charlotte George, Liz Hill, Rachel Croft and Alex Sye.

Charley BatesCharlotte GeorgeLiz Hill, Rachel Croft and Alex Sye

Apparently they are a 2nd year economist, 2nd year english student, 1st year mathmo, 2nd year vet and 1st year engineer, respectively. I guess that they’re also all or mostly from Trinity – Chris.


Team “Will Sell Sex for Points”

Well done for being the first team to submit a photo and description of yourselves!

Team Members: Bilen Ahmet, Claire Badgery, Steph Duncan, Juicy Spray, Hannah Tildesley.

Clockwise from left: Bilen Ahmet, Steph Duncan, Lucy ‘Juicy’ Spray, Claire Badgery and Hannah Tildesley

Pretty incompetent bunch, couldn’t find a Japanese tourist in Cambridge, let alone each other. For all intents and purposes team name is not an exaggeration – we’re out to win this sucker!! (It should be noted that with the exception of Bilen, they’re all from lovely Newnham college – Chris)