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Final Scores 2010

  1. 291 – Purple Clouds WIN!
  2. 245 – Laser Raptor
  3. 216 – Socksoc – Honourable mention for most amusing attempts at bribery
  4. 192 – Curious Duck
  5. 189 – Dolman Army – Honourable mention for bringing us a 1209 scholar imitation and team T-shirts
  6. 182 – Pointedly Unremarkable
  7. 151 – Stormin’ NormansĀ  – Honourable mention for most amusing video submission
  8. 141 – Blue Steel


Another video to entertain you, from team Laser Raptors


And the winners are..

Purple Cloud

Well done to all the teams involved!


A selection of videos to keep you amused until the results appear…

A Full (New) Moon:

How to catch a leprachaun:

The Lion King in under 2 Minutes:

A 3 Body Problem:

All courtesy of the Stormin Normans!


Keep the submissions coming..

Only 6 hours left to bring all your items and have them registered!


Morning starshine! The Earth says hello!

We are back in the Union and being regaled with a tasty breakfast, kite-flying antics and some amusing videos and images:


(260 – Nerd Sniping)

Keep those submissions coming!

CUSH committee


We are still here

Despite all the crowds of people drinking champagne, we are still in the Union Mountbatten room – go through the crowds of people and instead of turning right into the bar, carry straight on. No-one has yet claimed the cookie point..



We iz tiring of teh monotoniez of sittingz here wit no1 to visit us. 1 bonus pointz iz availablez for the first team to arrivez here from now, chantingz “I stole the cookiez from the cookie jar and eated them”


List on the right..

Or here


Up and running..

.. or thereabouts

We’re now set up in the Union, but for the next hour have no blu-tac (what can I say, 9am is too early to remember everything!) so please ask the recpetionist if you dont know where the Mountbatten room is. The list will go online fairly soon…


9am Great St Mary’s

Meet us tomorrow at 9am outside the front entrance to Great St Mary’s to pick up a copy of the list!


Time for fun and frolics once more

Scavenger Hunt returns, bigger, bolder and badder than before.

CUSH 2010 is happening WEDNESDAY 9TH to THURSDAY 10TH JUNE.

Spent 36 hours gathering unusual items, performing silly tasks and enjoying yourself in lovely springtime Cambridge.


Drop us an email with your team name, your team members’ names (no more than five) and preferably a team photo.

This year’s event will be run by Slay Belles – thanks to Chris, Akiko and all former organisers for their help with setting the event up.